#10 Williams sets up #8 Amherst rematch with win

Rohan Shastri '17
Rohan Shastri '17

AMHERST, MA – After earning an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2014, the Williams College Ephs defeated the Wilkes University Colonels (23-4).

The Ephs began the match well in doubles, grabbing all three points in the process. Alex Taylor '20 and Brian Grodecki '18 won 8-5, while Jordan Sadowsky '18 and Rohan Shastri '17 won their match 8-4. Brothers Sachin and Ananth Raghavan, a junior and first-year respectively, won their match without dropping a game.

The men had a great advantage going into singles, which allowed them to coast to a victory. Sachin Raghavan and Sadowsky won both of their matches to extend the lead to 5-0, at which point the match was called. Both claimed victory in two sets, with only one game dropped in each. After a great showing, head coach Dan Greenberg is optimistic for Saturday's third round bout against rival Amherst (23-5; 6-2 NESCAC).

"Wilkes brought great energy, and we had some early match flatness, but we hit our stride soon enough to sweep doubles. We're very excited for another battle with Amherst tomorrow.

The Ephs (14-7; NESCAC 5-5) will look to upset the Mammoths in Amherst on Saturday, just as they did in the NESCAC tournament. The match will take place at 9:00 AM, and the winner will take on either Emory, North Carolina Wesleyan, Sewanee, or Washington & Lee on May 22.

Williams 5, Wilkes 0


1. Alex Taylor/Brian Grodecki (WILLIAMS) def. C. Murphy/T. Haas (WUMT) 8-5

2. Jordan Sadowsky/Rohan Shastri (WILLIAMS) def. A. Lefkandinos/A. Neidig (WUMT) 8-4

3. Sachin Raghavan/Ananth Raghavan (WILLIAMS) def. A. Nabokin/J. White (WUMT) 8-0


1. Rohan Shastri (WILLIAMS) vs. C. Murphy (WUMT) 2-6, 2-3, unfinished

2. Brian Grodecki (WILLIAMS) vs. A. Nabokin (WUMT) 6-2, 0-3, unfinished

3. Sachin Raghavan (WILLIAMS) def. A. Lefkandinos (WUMT) 6-0, 6-1

4. Ananth Raghavan (WILLIAMS) vs. J. White (WUMT) 6-2, 2-3, unfinished

5. Jordan Sadowsky (WILLIAMS) def. T. Haas (WUMT) 6-1, 6-0

6. Benjamin Lebowitz (WILLIAMS) vs. B. Chow (WUMT) 6-1, 1-0, unfinished

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