Ephs Defend Little Three Title at Home

Varsity 2
Varsity 2

Lake Onota, Pittsfield, MA -- The Ephs protected their house and extended their Little Three title streak to thirteen years in their first home race of the season. Racing with a slight cross tailwind, the Williams women posted some fast times to finish first in the Varisty 8, 2nd Varsity 8, and 3rd Varsity 8/Novice 8 races.

In the first race of the morning, the 3V and Novice 8 had a chance to line up against each other for the second week in a row. The Williams 3V opened up their margin on the Novice 8 from the previous week, going 7:08.1, over the Novice's time of 7:24.0. Both boats finished ahead of Wesleyan (7:32.8) and are looking to continue gaining speed in the weeks to come.

"We were happy with our race against Wesleyan and our Freshman Eight. I thought as a boat our commitment to racing our race and focusing internally helped us to strive forward and execute the plan. It was great to see the parts of the race we have been working on begin to come together. We are very excited to keep improving and are looking forward to next weekend!" said 3V stroke Kate Kiernan '14.

"While we are always working to improve the technical side of our rowing, we showed a strong amount of determination today. This race was another chance for us to transfer what we have been doing in practice to a race situation, and I have confidence we will be able to put everything together," said Novice 8 7-seat Alyssa Amos '15.

The Williams 1V raced next, executing a solid first 1000m and really hitting their stride in the second half of the piece to post a time of 6:41.4 over Wesleyan's 7:00.9 finish. "It was a solid race after a very strong week of practice," said 1V 3-seat Jane McClellan '12. "We really found our power in the second 1000m, and moved on the sprint, which was exciting. I think we can still find some speed in our start and first 500m in the upcoming weeks," added 1V 4-seat Lindsay Olsen '12.

The Wesleyan and Williams 2V's faced off last. The Ephs jumped off the line, taking seats and striding to open water over Wesleyan by the 400m mark. They continued to open up the gap throughout the rest of the piece to cross the line with a time of 6:51.5, 26 seconds ahead of the Wesleyan 2V.

"Our piece was much more aggressive than last week, allowing us to move consistently on Wesleyan. Going forward, we're hoping to polish our sprint" said 2V coxswain Anna Hopkins '14.

Next Saturday, April 28, the Ephs will face US Coast Guard Academy, US Marine Academy, and Ithaca College on home Lake Onota in their last regular season regatta before New Englands and ECACs.

Full Results Courtesy of Row2k.