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100 Wins * 200 Wins

The players named below achieved at least 100 overall wins over the course of their 4-year careers at Williams in either singles or doubles play.

An even more select group has won a combined total of 200 singles and doubles wins.

Wins are counted in point scoring positions of team dual matches, in individual tournament results, and post-season play.

The first Williams women's tennis player to win 100 singles matches was Kate Troy '04.


Kristin Alotta '12
Kate Troy '04


100 Singles Wins

Kristin Alotta '12 109*
Kate Troy '04 102

*Owns Williams reocrd for most consecutive singles wins:  41, Kristin Alotta '12

The first Eph to win 100 doubles matches was Nikki Reich '11.


Nikki Reich '11 (103)


100 Doubles Wins

Nikki Reich '11 103


200 Wins Singles/Doubles
Kristin Alotta '12 109/96 (205)
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