Curran/Shoemaker fall just short of NEWITTs Championship title

Head coach Alison Swain congratulates Kara Shoemaker (l.) & Rebecca Curran
Head coach Alison Swain congratulates Kara Shoemaker (l.) & Rebecca Curran

SOUTH HADLEY, MA -- After three full days of tennis, the NEWITTs and the women's tennis fall season have come to a close. Starting the weekend with 5 teams, 3 Williams pairs advanced to the semi-finals today.  Unfortunately though, the Ephs fell just short of bringing home a W on the last day of competition.

In the semi-finals, Williams 1 pair of Kara Shoemaker and Rebecca Curran were competing against their own teammates, Williams 3 pair of Linda Shin and Alex Stone.  Williams 1 came out on top, winning 3-0. The other Eph pair left in the tournament was Kathleen Elkins and Maria Pylypiv, seeded 3rd. They were defeated by Amherst 1, 3-0.

In the finals then, the two top seeded teams squared off against each other. Williams 1 was seeded 2nd, and Amherst 1 seeded 1st. Proving to be a consistent rival and tough opponent, Amherst 1 defeated Williams 1 3-0.

This marks the end of the Ephs fall season. Spring tennis action will resume on March 24.

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