"Faces in the Crowd"

47 Ephs have appeared in the "Faces in the Crowd"
section of Sports Illustrated magazine since
August of 1989; seven coaches and 40 athletes.

Head men's & women's swimming coach Steve Kuster
and ultra-marathoner Nikki Kimball '93 (skier/w x-c)
appeared in consecutive issues in 2012.

Women's swimming & diving has had the most
honorees: four swimmers, one diver, and
two coaches.

To date 23 women and 24 men have been honored.

Eph athletes and coaches are listed in alphabetical order.

Name  Sport(s) played/coached at Williams
Patty Althoff '92 Women's Diving
Erin Anderson '00  Women's Swimming
Olivia Barnhill '19 Women's Soccer
Courtney Bennigson '01 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Ethan Brooks '96 Football/Track & Field
Jenn Campbell '05 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Bryan Chow '13 Men's Tennis
Cordelia Chan '19 Women's Golf
Shoshana Clark '02 Women's Crew
Caroline Cretti '06 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Michael Crotty '04  Men's Basketball 
Chiara Del Piccolo '14 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Sam Goldenring '20 Men's Golf
Felix Grossman '56 Masters Diving
Peter Hale '17 Men's X-C/Track & Field
Lindley Hall '93 Women's Nordic Skiing 
Darren Hartwell '13 Football
Aaron Kelton Football Coach
Nikki Kimball '93 Skiing
Steve Kuster Men's & Women's Swimming Coach
Josh Lefkowitz '02  Men's Tennis 
Ben Lin '17 Men's Swimming
Joey Lye '09 Softball/Ice Hockey
Tobias Muellers Track & Field
Amanda Nicholson '09 Women's Swimming
Ryan Malo '11 Wrestling
Trey Meyer '13 Men's Tennis
Justin Moore Women's Crew Coach
Dave Paulsen '87 Men's Basketball Coach 
Lindsay Payne '06 Women's Swimming
Jeremie Perry '96  Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Juli Raventos '18 Women's Tennis
Joe Reardon '04  Football 
Ted Rogers '91  Football/Lacrosse
Mike Russo Men's Soccer Coach
Nick Ryder  Men's Golf
Carl Samuelson  Men's/Women's Swimming Coach 
Derek Sasaki-Scanlon '98  Men's Track & Field 
Linda Shin '18 Women's Tennis
Marc Siegel '96  Men's Ice Hockey
Lauren Sinnenberg '10  Women's Soccer
Pam Smith '95 Cross Country/Track & Field
Alison Swain '01 Women's Tennis Coach
Healy Thompson '03  Women's Track & Field 
Sarah Thompson '15 Women's Swimming
Logan Todhunter '12 Women's Swimming
Molly Wasserman '04  Women's Ice Hockey