In the fall of 2012 Mike Russo's Williams College men's soccer team became the first Williams team to draft a member of Team IMPACT to join an Eph team. 

Team IMPACT is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of children with life-threatening diseases by matching them with college athletics teams, providing an extended support network from which both the children and the teams gain inspiration and perspective.

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When Zac Daniels was drafted by the Eph men's soccer team Team Impact had matched up children with more than three quarters of the colleges in New England and continues to expand, placing children now throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, beginning a western projection for the immediate future.

Zac was born with a rare life threatening birth defect that has left him with multiple chronic health conditions and years of specialists, tests, procedures, and medications as a way of life.

"Team IMPACT is an amazing program that has made a really big impact on Zac's life in such a short amount of time," said Zac's mom Melanie. "I'll forever be grateful. As a parent, you do anything you can to help your child... You feel helpless. Then, when someone else steps in and more importantly, is willing to help, and is able to impact your child in a positive way, well, not only does it improve the life of your child but it leaves you, the parent, just completely humbled and grateful beyond words."

Team Impact has matched up children with more than three quarters of the colleges in New England and continues to expand with 15 children now placed in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Williams softball became the fourth Eph team to draft a player through Team IMPACT -- CLICK HERE.

Here is a listing of current Team IMPACT draftees  with their Eph team.

Fall 2012
Zac Daniels with jubilant Ephs who advanced
past Amherst in PK
shootout into
National Semifinals in San Antonio


Zach Hillard Men's Ice Hockey Draftee


2013 Eph Baseball Meets Draftee Billy O'Brien (with ball)


2013 Softball Team With Draftee Meghan Schrade


2013 Women's Soccer Team with Draftees Cady and Anna


2014 Taylor Ostander with Eph Volleyball Team


Parker Langenbeck signs with Men's Lacrosse













2018 Noelle Dravis With Women's Golf Team


Arianna Mazza Drafted to Women's Basketball 9/18/2018