Check Out What 45 Eph Athletes Have Been Doing This Summer

Check Out What 45 Eph Athletes Have Been Doing This Summer

We thought you would enjoy seeing the kinds of opportunites some Eph athletes have availed of this summer with these mini bios written by the athletes. We invited members from each Eph varsity team to submit 100-word mini bios.

As you will see the Williams Career Center and the Williams Alumni Network, which serve all Eph students, are key players in making a plethora of opportunites available each summer. 

Below you will find 45 mini summer bios from 25 female athletes and 20 male athletes representing 25 of the Ephs' 32 varsity teams.

Claire Mancheski – Junior -- Women's Ice Hockey – Minnetonka, Minn.

I'm interning at the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor of Manhattan. I couldn't be more grateful for the people I am working with and the people who helped me get this opportunity. Teammate and friend, Chelsey Stevenson interned here last summer and loved it, so I looked into pursuing the internship. Chelsey's guidance and insight elevated the meaning of "always there for your teammates" to a whole other level. Current teammate Kearan Burke is also doing this internship! It is great to work along side of her not only on the ice but also in the work place! We're learning so much about law, our criminal justice system, and working in a corporate setting.

Stephen Morrissey – Senior – Men's Ice Hockey – Arlington, Va.

This summer I worked as a communications intern at Story Partners, a small public affairs firm based in Washington, D.C. that specializes in the development of strategic initiatives for private companies, industry groups, and trade associations. These campaigns are usually used to help increase public awareness of a particular issue or to gain the support of prominent legislators. I assisted our account executives by drafting content for clients' various social media platforms and helped them to maintain and expand our own media outreach capabilities. I was also kept clients up to date on their public image through daily reports on their mentions in popular media.  

Julia Cochran – Junior – Field Hockey – Riverside, Conn.

I'm working for the late-night political satire show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. I'm a political science major and an entertainment junkie so this internship was perfect. I adored this show for two years before applying and only knew how to apply thanks to a PDF from an NYU professor on the second page of Google results. Watching one of my favorite television shows while I sit in the control room listening to the director call "Camera 3 ready. Take," has completely solidified my decision to pursue a career in entertainment. So I guess all those movies I watched weren't a waste of time.

Emily Eide Senior – Senior – Women's Ice Hockey – Edina, Minn.

Last year I spent the summer interning in a tiny village in Uganda with a non-government organization and LOVED it. This summer decided I should get a "real" internship at Best Buy Corporate in the area of Reverse Logistics-Inventory Health. My main project is building an analytical system for End of Life Inventory to be rolled out company wide by the end of the summer. I wake up at 5:15 a.m. most mornings so I can spin before work, I lift weights a few days a week after work, and play hockey with two of my brothers on a men's team so I don't lose my edge.

Mykel Miller – Sophomore – Men's Track & Field – Brooklyn, N.Y.

I am a Summer Health Professions Education Program Scholar at Columbia University, taking organic chemistry and physics. I am also shadowing at the school's Medical Center in three major areas: First, in the emergency room, specifically in the psychiatric ward, where most of our time was spent with the homeless and drug addicted patients. Second, in the Internal Medicine Department working with a team of healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients. Third, in the simulation unit for the nurses and medical students learning about how they practice. This is all in hope of eventually becoming an emergency medicine doctor.

Ian Mook – Senior – Men's Track & Field – Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

I landed an internship in Chicago at a nonprofit consulting firm with the help of Paul Wolfe '84. After our initial discussion about his field, he passed my resume along to his co-worker for consideration as a summer intern. A few phone interviews later, I found out I got the internship; however, it was unpaid and I had never been to nor did I know anybody in Chicago. Luckily, the Williams Alumni Network came through again and I found a gig house sitting for another alum from the Class of 1988, making my summer adventure possible.

Andrew Bloniarz – Senior – Men's Cross Country – Wantagh, N.Y.

I'm doing research on campus with Professor José Constantine in the Geoscience department. We're trying to understand how the Mississippi River operated prior to human modification. It's been really awesome working in the archives, handling a few books that are over 300 years old! I'm also coordinating the campus food recovery program, WRAPS. Each week we deliver meals that are made up of un-served dining hall food to various communities in North Adams. I try to run around 6:00 a.m. nearly every day before it gets too hot out in preparation for my final cross country season at Williams.

Leah Bush – Junior – Women's Tennis – Weston, Fla.

I'm doing environmental economics research on campus. The research involves lots of time at a computer readying data for analysis, time I can put in as I please. Early in July, I could wake up, work for four hours, stream afternoon matches from Wimbledon, and work some more—all before lunch. When I do eventually get back to work, I find myself surprised pleasantly and repeatedly by the range of responsibilities my professor willingly trusts me with. Though tennis is part of my summer, my true preparation for the season ahead comes in the time I virtually spend with my teammates.

Jacqueline Simeone – Senior – Women's Soccer – Boston, Mass.

This summer I am interning at an online art auction house, Paddle8, located in Brooklyn, New York. I've been working on both the production and business side, so each day I have no idea what they're going to ask of me. I love it! So far I've edited hundreds of lots, run regression analysis with Paddle8 data, analyzed competitors, and soon they'll have me started on a video project. I am also training for an upcoming soccer season. I play three days a week with Manhattan Soccer Club and try to run outside as often as possible.

Adam Kroot – Senior – Men's Basketball – Indianapolis, Ind.

his summer I have been lucky enough to work for a sports management firm called Excel Sports Management in New York City. Excel represents athletes from the NBA (Blake Griffin and Isaiah Thomas, to name a few), MLB (most notably Derek Jeter) and PGA (Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas). While my day-to-day tasks vary, it has been beneficial to connect with and pick the brains of the agents, marketers, and salesmen that work within the agency. Working in sports has always been a dream of mine, so I am extremely thankful for this opportunity.

Izi Torres – Junior – Alpine Skiing – Layton, Utah

This summer I am working in a biochemistry lab at the University of Utah. The head of the lab is named Wes Sundquist and his daughter Emily (X-C/T&F) is at Williams. I'm researching the ESCRT pathway, which is important for cell division and virus budding. While my work is not directly related to medicine, the information we gain about cell biology helps other scientists create targeted treatments for a variety of diseases. I have had a week of ski training on snow in Mt. Hood, Oregon and have been lifting and road biking extensively to prepare for the upcoming season.

Ian Concannon – Senior – Men's Cross Country – Durham, N.C.

My spring semester abroad renewed my voice as an activist and educator. To that end, I have spent this summer living in Boston, working as a middle school social studies teacher for students in Roxbury. Our classroom discusses news bias and police brutality to strengthen students' critical understanding of race and identity in the digital age. When I'm not in the classroom, I'm volume training for the upcoming cross-country season. I will return to the Berkshires in August for work on my history thesis on the subject of Williams' connections to Iran and the CIA during the Cold War.

Olivia Barnhill – Junior – Women's Soccer – New York, N.Y.

This summer I taught at the East Harlem School in New York City. I taught 7th grade math and an elective called Intro to Neuroscience, which I designed to deliver the fundamentals of neuroscience to all middle school ages. The students were incredibly invested in learning the material, and it was incredibly rewarding to be able to educate and support such curious and engaged students on my favorite topics. I have also been training with a few fellow Ephs on the U23 Manhattan Soccer Club team to prepare for the upcoming soccer season.

Anna Neufeld – Senior -- Women's Swimming & Diving – Weston, Mass.

I am interning at Cogo Labs, a big-data-driven startup accelerator in Cambridge, Mass. I found the opportunity through the Williams Career Center. I am working with a team of interns to build and market our own website, with the goal of driving as much traffic to our site as possible. My team consists of data analysts, software engineers, and designers. Working on an interdisciplinary team with so many smart and creative people has been very exciting. Each morning before work, I head to the pool for master's swimming, where I often see a few other Ephs.

Sam Goldenring – Sophomore – Men's Golf – Florham Park, N.J.

I've spent this summer playing in amateur golf tournaments in the greater Metropolitan/Northeast region from Cape Cod to the New Jersey shore. I've been seeing how my game stacks up against the best. My best finish was 5th at the Metropolitan Golf Association Ike Championship, where I shot 72-69-70 to finish at -2. While the overall quality of golf has been some of the best I've ever played, it's been even more rewarding to connect with Williams alums and have them cheering me on from tournament to tournament. It's an awesome feeling to know that the Williams community supports me in whatever I decide to do.

Ally Ostrow – Junior – Volleyball – Menlo Park, CA

I am assisting Saumitra Jha'99, Associate Professor of Political Economy at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, with his research on non-violent civil disobedience. The research examines Gandhi's ability to maintain a large, peaceful movement during India's Independence Struggle. I was privileged to examine British Intelligence documents, which I found particularly interesting. I am taking the opportunity this summer to delve into a topic that I will not have the chance to explore in my coursework at Williams. I have been playing volleyball at a local club team facility with other NESCAC players and completing summer workouts to prepare for the upcoming season.

Bennett Caplin – Junior – Wrestling – McLean, Va.

I am currently working as a staff intern in the Middle East Program of the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, D.C. This position has allowed me to continue studying the region's geopolitics, which I developed an interest in while at Williams. Prior to beginning my internship, I travelled to Israel for ten days through the Williams Birthright Program. I have also been lifting at my high school several days each week and wrestling with former teammates in preparation for the winter season.

Caitlin Ubl – Junior – Women's Track & Field – Norwood, N.J.

Early last year, I walked into Professor Robert Jackall's office, unsure of what I wanted to do the following summer. After an hour of discussion he told me: to intern at the office of the Special Prosecutor for Narcotics in New York City. With two other Eph interns, both on the ice hockey team, we witness and assist attorneys in combatting the opioid epidemic sweeping the five boroughs. The prosecutors collaborate with law enforcement to stem the tide of opioids flooding the city, a major conduit for distribution across the US. At night, I head to the track to train for the upcoming track and field season. Go Ephs!

Kenny Liu – Junior – Men's Swimming & Diving – Singapore

I'm a member of the Swimming and Diving team at Williams. This summer, I'm working on campus with Professor Amy Gehring in the Chemistry Department researching a protein that affects the antibiotic production of Streptomyces coelicolor. S. coelicolor is bacteria responsible for manufacturing many known antibiotics and, by isolating this protein, we hope to find out which antibiotics the protein affects and to use the protein in producing those antibiotics or new, composite antibiotics, which can have far-reaching medical applications. Besides research, I've been swimming and lifting to get in shape for the winter season.

Sarah Becker – Junior – Nordic Skiing – Yarmouth, Maine

This summer I've had the opportunity to put my passion for the gut microbiota into practice, interning for the non-profit organization OpenBiome in Boston, Massachusetts. OpenBiome seeks to facilitate safe access to fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection, an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection, and also seeks to catalyze translational research into the human microbiome. OpenBiome has now provided life-saving FMT's for over 25,000 patients, and is supporting 25 enrolling clinical trials investigating the role of the microbiome in applications ranging from metabolic disease, autoimmune diseases, infectious disease, and the gut-brain axis.

Jack Schrupp – Senior – Nordic Skiing – Gilford, N.H.

This summer I am conducting preliminary research for an Honors French Thesis. My research takes me to Lewiston, Maine where I engage with the local francophone community. I am studying the linguistic interaction between Franco-Americans and French-speaking African asylum-seekers that have immigrated to the area in recent years. My experience thus far has been splendid. I have eaten authentic Congolese food, been invited to a traditional Rwandan wedding, and shared cocktails with the grandchildren of some of Lewiston's first French-Canadian residents. On top of my research, I am doing long runs and roller skis in preparation for the upcoming ski season!

Phoebe Mattana – Senior – Women's Golf – Demarest, N.J.

I'm working in New York as a graphic design intern at a merchandise company that makes gear and merchandise for artists like Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Johnny Cash etc., which is cool but also sounds a lot cooler than it is. I'm actually liking my job and I'm learning a lot. I get to make a ton of art and I'm in the process of setting up an online shop with my own designs. I've been playing some golf on the weekends at home in Jersey but I'll get to really start playing consistently after I finish work in mid August.

Dan Doherty – Senior – Men's Ice Hockey – Danvers, Mass.

This summer I am interning at Morgan Stanley in the Investment Banking Division. Morgan Stanley has 13 groups within Investment Banking and I sit in the Transportation Group. We cover airlines, railroads, logistics, shipping, and trucking companies. The group offers a diverse product mix for clients, including M&A advisory, Activist Defense, and Capital Raising Advisory. The New York City office at Morgan Stanley has around 60 Summer Analysts; however, Transportation is relatively small with only four Summer Analysts. Thus far, my experience has been great, and I look forward to my continued learning in this field.

Kayley McGonagle – Senior – Track & Field – Natick, Mass.

I'm interning at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Mass., and able to live at home this summer. Seeing my family is important to me. I'm a Biology/Studio Art double major, so this internship caters to my Studio Art side. I'm a teaching assistant for the MFA's summer art classes for kids and teens ages 5-18. Fortunately I'm able to observe a variety of art teaching styles and methods and do some teaching of my own, since I am considering art education as a possible career path. I'm also re-habbing an injury in preparation for the upcoming seasons.

David Italiano – Senior – Men's Ice Hockey – Toronto, Ontario

This summer, I am interning at PTC, a software company located just outside of Boston. The company is distinguished as an "Internet of Things" market leader. There is an ongoing corporate initiative encouraging "Taking a fresh look" at all facets of the business; new ideas and creativity are warmly welcomed, making it a desirable place for an intern with a Liberal Arts background. I've had a very positive experience in Boston. I spend my free time at PTC's company gym, Acorn Yoga, "Southie", Newbury Street, the North End (Little Italy), Hockey Town USA, and the beaches of the North Shore.

Katie Flaherty – Senior – Women's Cross Country – Ft. Myers, Fla.

This summer I am on campus doing research for my senior thesis in Psychology! I am working under Professor Jeremy Cone, and alongside another member of the Williams men's cross country team, Griffin Colaizzi. It is great to be on campus over the summer as a cross country runner because there are so many beautiful trails to run in Williamstown and the surrounding area. Many of the runners on campus this summer meet up daily to run and cross train to prepare for the upcoming season.

Jake Foehl – Junior – Men's Golf – Williamstown, Mass.

I am working as a teaching intern at St. Paul's School (Concord, NH) in the Advanced Studies Program, a summer school for high achieving New Hampshire public high school students. Right now, I could see myself pursuing a career in teaching and coaching at a prep school after Williams. I have gained insight into what teaching requires, and in the process embraced the community that is constructed among students and faculty during our brief six-week stay. The busy schedule has forced me to temporarily hang up my golf clubs, but I am looking forward to beginning the defense of our NESCAC Championship. 

Nicholas Beauchamp – Sophomore – Wrestling – Middlebury, Vt.

I worked both as a tour guide for the Williams Admission Office and have interned at the Borgen Project, a non-profit, national campaign that works with U.S. leaders to improve their response to the global poverty crisis. My Borgen duties included writing two articles per week, editing items for their online magazine, research, assisting with advocacy, and fundraising. Both positions allowed me to build upon communication skills and work independently. I have developed new skills and have networked extensively. Also, I have been training for the upcoming wrestling season.

David Madding – Senior – Men's Soccer – Hillsborough, Calif.

I'm working as a Summer Associate for Parthenon-EY, a market research and strategy consulting firm in San Francisco. I provided diligence for a Private Equity firm that was looking to acquire a company that provides software systems to Car Wash operators around the country to help them automate and improve efficiency. Another Private Equity client was looking to purchase a company that provided outsourced Human Resource Services for small businesses in Hawaii to see if there was growth potential for this company to go national. I enjoy my job and am able to keep up my summer training in the office gym every day before work, trainings twice a week with a summer team, and playing games on Sundays.

Victoria Kingham – Senior – Cross Country & Track & Field – New York, N.Y.

I am working as a paralegal at a litigation firm in New York City. I am happy to report that I love it, and am now thinking about pursuing a career in Law. Although I didn't find the job through the College, one of the partners at the Firm is an Eph Basketball alum!  I am training for the Fall 2017 Cross Country season, which involves regular running and strength work. Our coach, Pete Farwell, emphasizes the importance of being "physically fit but mentally relaxed," which I use as my mantra for summer training.

Jamie Havran – Senior – Men's Squash – Madison, Conn.

This summer I am working at a firm called Teneo in New York City in the Capital Division. The Capital Division operates as its own boutique investment bank and my role is as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst. My day-to-day responsibilities include helping construct financial models, providing research for and creating client deliverables, and conducting due diligence on client projects. I have managed to play some squash after work some days.

Emily Sundquist – Senior – Cross Country & Track & Field – Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm at home in Utah for the summer, working in the Communications Office at the University of Utah Hospital. I get to interview doctors about different health topics and about their research to write posts for a public health blog. I'm hoping to ultimately become a physician, but being in a communications office has let me see a different side of medicine, sharing community health information. The rest of the time I've been finding cool trails to run on to get ready for the cross-country season, going camping around Utah, and walking my dog.

Chris Hattar – Senior – Football – Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

I am working at Nomura Securities Inc. in New York City as a Summer Global Markets Analyst thanks to a former Eph football player Husayn Moody '98 who helped me get an interview with the firm and make the right connections. I work alongside teammate and fellow defensive lineman Sam Gowen. To prepare for the upcoming season, I lift and run regularly at a gym several blocks from my house. It also doesn't hurt that this summer I live with five other Eph varsity athletes equally as motivated as I am to help our teams find success during our final year at Williams.

Tobias Muellers – Senior – Soccer – Burlington, Vt.

I am spending the summer at Duke University in the chemistry laboratory of Professor Jennifer Roizen ('03). I found the Roizen lab with help from Professor Smith here at Williams, as Professor Smith was Professor Roizen's thesis advisor. At Duke, I work alongside graduate students as I try to optimize the synthesis of a class of chemicals called sulfamate esters, which are important due to their potential medicinal applications. Though research days are long, I have made time before and after work to train at Duke and play soccer in a men's league to prepare for our fall season.

Tess Richman – Junior – Volleyball – Northridge, Calif.

This summer, I've been living in Japan doing comparative research on beer advertisements in the United States and Japan and their impact on female beer consumption (funded by the Williams Class of 1945 Student World Fellowship). I also had the opportunity to spend time at Baird Beer, a Japanese craft beer brewery owned by Williams alumni, Bryan Baird, and his wife, Sayuri Baird. I'm living with my teammate, Mia Weinland, who grew up in Japan. We live near her alma mater, The American School in Japan, which is where we have been lifting and training for the upcoming Fall season.

Lauren Vostal – Junior – Woman's Basketball – Manasquan, N.J.

I am at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as an intern in the Structural Biophysics lab. My research involves analyzing drugs that bind to a specific protein to prevent the HIV virus from spreading to other cells. Doing this allows me to see which drug works best to prevent the spreading of HIV in terms of its specificity and affinity to the protein. I just completed a presentation of my findings to my Principal Investigator, and soon will be sharing a summary of via a poster presentation to the NIH community. I intend to pursue Biomedical Science PhD programs in the future. I also play in a collegiate basketball league.

Sam Stark – Junior – Baseball – Buffalo, N.Y.

I have the great opportunity to work for Rock Creek Group (Washington D.C.), a hedge fund for funds that focus primarily on emerging markets, U.S. equity strategies, private credit, and impact investing. An amazing part about this job is that I have gotten exposure to top hedge fund managers through in person meetings. I am working here with two teammates David Kwan and Adam Regensburg as well as another Eph Stuart Reed. After work, I follow a workout schedule to prepare for the season. I cannot wait to get back and start training with the team again.

Kate Pattison – Senior – Women's Lacrosse – Hanover, N.H.

This summer I'm working at Salisbury School in Connecticut as a teaching intern. The program is a five-week long summer school for students entering seventh grade through twelfth grade. I'm team-teaching a writing comprehension class and an English as a Second Language class. I also act as a dorm parent and a soccer coach (which has been challenging because I don't play soccer…). It's a small introduction to life at boarding school, which is great for me because I'm interested in teaching at a boarding school after graduation. It's also been great because I've had access to the beautiful athletic facilities on campus, so I've been able to train for lacrosse!

Isha Singh – Senior – Women's Lacrosse – Plainsboro, N.J. 

This summer I am working in Public Finance investment banking at Citigroup in NYC. Public Finance bankers help governments and related entities raise capital to finance planned projects. It has been fascinating to see the ways in which infrastructure has the power to really impact communities. My internship is a cool mix of finance and policy that culminates my interests as a Political Economy major really well. In fact, I was introduced to the opportunity by fellow Political Economy major and Willy Laxer, Anne Rehfuss, who I work with now, along with several Williams' alums - many who were athletes.  

Lexi Curt – Senior – Softball – Moorpark, Calif.

Often people of a disadvantaged socioeconomic status use the emergency department (ED) for needs that belong in a primary care setting. This gap in care indicates a flaw in the system. I am spending my summer researching at Massachusetts General Hospital and using the ED as a window into surrounding neighborhoods to try to identify and fill these gaps with the ultimate goal of optimizing care for the underserved. Reducing health disparities through research and interventions while actively practicing medicine is my career goal, so this summer experience is a preview for what I hope to be my life's work.

Joe Welch – Senior – Ice Hockey – Winchester, Mass.


I am working at an independent record label called Uprise Music in New York City. I am in the A&R division at Uprise, so my job is to find new artists and sign their songs to our label. Most of my work involves searching for new talent on Soundcloud, Spotify, etc. I also spend time with Photoshop creating cover art and working on my own music. I have very much enjoyed working in the music industry and I hope to pursue a career in music, in whichever form that may take.

Jill Jenkin – Senior – Softball – Anaheim Hills, Calif.

I am at Williams working as the Local and Sustainable Food intern for the Zilkha Center. Originally this internship was a fun summer opportunity, but now half way through the summer I've realized that this could be a possible career path. Over these 10 weeks, I'm calculating the College's Real Food, working on food preservation projects, and finding ways to advertise in dining halls. I've built relationships with Dining Services, while making blueberry jam, strawberry rhubarb compote, and pickles with them (all will be featured in the dining halls this fall). Outside of work I'm continuing to strengthen my shoulder.

Jenny Roach – Senior – Women's Lacrosse – Buffalo, N.Y.

For the past eight weeks I have been living in Antigua, Guatemala and commuting to Guatemala City every weekday morning for work. I am volunteering at an NGO called Camino Seguro (Safe Passage) which works  in the neighborhood of the Guatemala City garbage dump. I have been working as an English tutor in the reinforcement center so I work one-on-one with students for 30-minute blocks either on homework or on lessons I plan myself. Other highlights include playing soccer with my students and coworkers, Zumba classes and salsa classes. Being abroad again has been great but I'm excited to get back to the Purple Valley! 

Isabella Wang – Junior – Women's Golf – Orlando, Fla.

I'm interning in the Bay Area at Loomis Sayles, an asset management firm. The weekdays are busy, early (6:00-2:30), and excel-filled (some may know how nerdy I am about this). As a result I've become newly dependent on coffee and come home pretty fried. Outside of Loomis, I've had the opportunity to meet many industry professionals, further solidifying my passion for this industry! On the weekends, I've been exploring SF...what a weird but fun city. Most of my golfing will be when I go home August 14th to Taiwan. I can't wait to see my parents!

Liz Gudas – Senior – Women's Golf – Binghamton, N.Y.

I'm working in Darien, Conn. for a company called Shiseido and, they own Laura Mercier, Nars, Bare Minerals, etc. I'm interning in their Human Resources Department, so I've been doing lots of employee engagement. I've also started a company blog and have been trying to help them with their office interior space (so my studio art major is coming in handy). My internship is over on August 10th, so after that I'll play a ton of golf. I was fitted for new clubs recently so I'm super pumped to get my new Callaway Apex irons and new wedges.