Eph Sports Information is Hiring Student Workers This Year

Eph Sports Information is Hiring Student Workers This Year

IMPORTANT Info for Ephs students interested in working in Eph Sports Information this year.

Get paid to watch the Ephs win!  Work for EphSports Information.

MANDATORY Williams College Sports Information Meeting for New Hires

The meeting will take place at 6:15 a.m. (yes, in the morning) on Sept. 6 in the basement of Hopkins Hall.

There is no better job on the Williams campus than Eph Sports Information. Seriously, you get paid to watch the Ephs win!!

Prior experience is always a plus. Reliability and commitment to task are even more important. Once you commit to covering an Eph team you are expected to cover that team for its entire season.

Far more people want to work in Sports Information than can be accommodated – make your interest known today. It is possible, but not likely that you will be assigned the sport of your choice when you first start in Sports Information.

Color Commentators on Live webcasts: 
18 Eph sports are webcast each year, which means 100-150 live events annually. A few years ago we did 161 webcasts.

We pair a student color commentator with a broadcaster supplied by our video company, Northeast Sports Network (NSN). You will not appear on camera in a webcast, but you will be heard. You may, however, end up as a Tweet and on Facebook or Instagram sometime.

Strong familiarity with the sport to be broadcast is vital as is an outgoing personality, so you can bring the contest to life. Sports we webcast include: field hockey, football, volleyball, men's/women's soccer, men's/women's basketball, men's/women's ice hockey, men's/women's swimming & diving, wrestling, baseball, softball, men's/women's lacrosse and men's & women's track & field.

We are looking for people who have experience in operating a video camera, capturing athletic contests and/or interviews with coaches or players and then editing the videos. Our videographers also edit and post to YouTube our Eph Spotlight Video Interviews.

The NCAA also requires us in certain sports to send video highlights to the site hosting NCAA Tournament contests.

We use video highlights, as a vehicle to extend our video efforts to the 14 teams not carried as webcasts on the Northeast Sports Network (NSN).

You will write up every contest for your team home and away. Williams fields 32 Varsity teams. Rarely, if ever, will you be expected to travel off campus to cover a contest. Most often for away contests the coach will call you after the contest with comments and you will receive information from the opponent's Sports Information Director or gather information from their website to assist you in writing your article that will get posted to our website and sent to the local media.

To cover away games it may be possible for you to watch a webcast provided by our opponent.

For home contests you will need to attend the contest and then do your write up immediately following the contest. There are some events where you would not be in attendance for the entire duration of the contest, but those situations will be spelled out when you are assigned a team.

Once you write your story you will e-mail it to the local media, send it to our opponent (after home games only), post it on our website, update the schedule, and results.

You will receive instructions on all of these matters. Guidance and help are always just a phone call away.

Stat Crews
We need students to compile in-game statistics at some athletic contests and sometimes we need help with compiling post-game statistics. Once the stats are compiled they are then sent to our opponents, the NESCAC, the NCAA, and posted on our site.

It is most helpful to be familiar with the sport for which you are compiling the stats, but we will train those who are unfamiliar, but committed to the task

Sports Action Photography: 
One of the hallmarks of our website is the large number of quality action photos we display after an athletic contest. Experienced sports photographers will be given priority and if you have your own "sports action capable" digital camera all the better.

Normally the sports photographer would shoot for an hour and then for an additional hour select, size, and post the photos into a photo gallery for that contest.

Keep This in Mind: 
A job in Eph Sports Information is more than just a campus job because it reaches far across the Internet and around the globe! Over 3 million folks visited the Eph Athletics website this past year. And those numbers don't include our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Not only do Eph parents, friends, families, fans, and alums count on your work, but it is also shared with the NCAA, local media, national media, and our opponents and their fans. To all of those publics your job is much more than just another campus job.

Most employers now background check on every job an applicant has undertaken. The number of folks we have helped gain employment due to their excellence in Sports Information at Williams is both long and impressive.

Employers are often impressed with the commitment necessary to perform well in Sports Information given that hours vary, the importance of your job to our Sports Information team, and the academic rigors of Williams.

We do not get background checks just for those looking for a career in sports, but all kinds of jobs, graduate schools, non-profits, the military, and government jobs.

You might like to know that we have sent people to ESPN, NBC Sports, the New England Sports Network (NESN), Fox Sports, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Cardinals, New York Mets, SportsNet New York, and more. None of those folks came to Williams thinking of a career in sports.

Email Sports Information Director Dick Quinn now - dquinn@williams.edu - to let him know if you will be attending the Sept. 6 meeting and which job(s) you might be interested in.

Go Ephs !

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