Eph Sports' Twitter Account is 10 Years Old Today

Eph Sports' Twitter Account is 10 Years Old Today

WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS. -- Ten years ago, today we unveiled @EphSports on Twitter and when we Tweet this story, we will have Tweeted 31,280 times! We're not too far from averaging a Tweet a day for a decade. There's always room for improvement.

We not only have lots of good news to report on Twitter we also send you information on game time changes, game cancellations, re-scheduled events, game day videos, game highlight videos, Eph Spotlight Video Interviews, as well as links to stories published on other sites about current and former Eph athletes.

Our website will have a newer and fresher look by summer's end. This coming academic year we hope to be able to expand and improve our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and our goal is to make all of our accounts even more informative and more exciting with the hiring of a 9-month social media intern who will begin in September.

You will want to circle June 12 as a date to visit our website and social media accounts that we know for sure.

Again, this year our website ephsoports.williams.edu will set a record for most pageviews in one year when we surpass the previous record of 3,164,622 by the end of August.

Ephsports.williams.edu is the most visited sub domain on the entire Williams College website that folks are not required to use,

Here are the best ways to keep up with all that is happening with the Ephs' 32 Varsity sports year-round:

Twitter: @EphSports

Facebook:  Williams College Athletics

Website:  ephsports.williams.edu/landing/index

Instagram: EPHSPORTS

YouTube: WilliamsEphsSports