Katie Baldiga Coffman '07 - From Eph Sports Information to Teaching at Harvard Business School

Katie Baldiga Coffman '07 -  From Eph Sports Information to Teaching at Harvard Business School

Degree(s) you earned at Williams:  Mathematics and Economics double major

Current Job title:  Assistant Professor of Business Administration in the Negotiations, Organizations & Markets unit at Harvard Business School. Before joining HBS, she was an assistant professor of economics at The Ohio State University and a visiting assistant professor of economics at Stanford University.

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information: Hmmm... I know I likely got to Williams and missed playing sports. Writing for Sports Info was a good way to keep feeling that same team spirit. I don't really remember exactly how I got linked up with Sports Information, but it was pretty early! 

Eph Sports Covered:  Baseball, Basketball Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Soccer

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory:  Having grown up in the suburbs of Boston, I have always been a huge Red Sox fan. In the fall of 2003, the Red Sox were making a deep playoff run. It was right in the middle of my first semester midterms, and things were pretty stressful. But, my dad called to say that he had managed to get tickets to Game 7 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium, and if I could find a way to get down to NYC, I could go to the game with him. I made it (through an insanely long series of trains, taxis, and subways), wearing my Trot Nixon jersey.

We watched Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens duel, and due in no small part to Trot, the Red Sox took a big lead. We booed Roger as he left the game. We started to get cocky around the 7th inning, and we were counting outs until the World Series... Red Sox manager Grady Little spoiled our plans. Instead of looking forward to the World Series, I rode home late that night, trying my best to study for my math midterm that was early the next morning. Eventually it all worked out -- I ended up doing just fine in math, and while it would take an extra year, the Red Sox did get around to winning a World Series.

Frank Deford Award:  Katie won the Frank Deford Award in her junior year (2006)