Darren Hartwell '13 From Eph Sports Info to Covering Boston Sports at Various Organizations

Darren Hartwell '13 From Eph Sports Info to Covering Boston Sports at Various Organizations

Current Job Title: Content Miner at NBC Sports Boston

Yes, it's what it sounds like: I "mine" the internet for Boston sports content, supporting our beat writers by writing news- and stats-oriented articles covering Boston's four major sports teams. I occasionally work in the field (before COVID-19 came along) and recently wrote a feature on Eph legend Duncan Robinson after a Celtics-Heat game at TD Garden.

Previous jobs: Content Producer at NESN (2014 to 2018); Media Relations Intern with the New England Patriots (in 2013, one of the few years they missed the Super Bowl...); Red Sox Intern at ESPN working for Gordon Edes (Summer 2011); Bruins Intern at ESPN working for Joe McDonald (Winter Study 2011).

Williams graduation year: 2013

Sport(s) played at Williams: Football and Baseball

Degree you earned at Williams: History 

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information: I loved sports and needed a campus job, so I summoned the courage as a freshman to approach DQ and ask about writing openings. The men's hockey writer at the time, Dan Pesquera, was about to graduate, so DQ let me shadow him for a few games. I took over full-time the following season. 

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information: I wrote men's hockey game recaps for the Williams athletics site. I'd bundle up in the stands at home games and interview head coach Bill Kangas after the game. For road games, I'd watch the (mostly functional) host team's live stream, then interview Coach Kangas via phone after the game.

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory: A Saturday night in February, sophomore year: Men's hockey had just wrapped up a win at Chapman Rink, and I noticed men's basketball was coming down to the wire with Amherst. So, I ran down the hallway to Chandler Gym (after filing my story, of course) just in time to watch the Ephs clinch the NESCAC regular season title at their rivals' expense. An Eph sports double dip!

Fun Fact: On two consecutive offensive plays against Trinity in football Darren caught touchdown passes in excess of 80 yards to help lead the Ephs to victory.