Lorenzo Patrick '11 from Student Broadcaster to Manager at MTH Industries

Lorenzo Patrick '11 from Student Broadcaster to Manager at MTH Industries

Current Job Title: Since leaving Williams, I've worked for Yahoo! Sports Radio (currently SB Nation Radio) as a producer; and spent a season with the Gary SouthShore Rail Cats as a broadcaster. I'm currently a project manager for MTH Industries, a steel and glass architectural firm in suburban Chicago.

Williams graduation year: 2011

Degree you earned at Williams: Philosophy

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information: I walked into the Sports Information office the summer before I started at Williams and asked DQ who was doing the play-by-play for the Eph football team. He said a senior student was currently assigned. After a couple of conversations, I was able to get on the broadcast for the first football game of the season. However, once the day of the game came, the senior that was supposed to do the game with me didn't show up. I did that first game alone, and it wasn't completely terrible. I was able to broadcast over 100 games for football, basketball, and baseball after that.

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information: Play-by-play announcer for Williams College football, basketball and baseball.

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory: Calling the football team's victory over Amherst in 2010 in Amherst, which clinched the NESCAC championship outright and concluded a perfect season.

Fun Facts: Lorenzo was the first Eph student to win The Aaron Pinsky '06 Student Broadcasting Award in 2010. "Lorenzo was impressive from that very first football game, which was an overnight trip to Bowdoin to see two teams play he knew virtually nothing about," stated DQ. "Five minutes into the first quarter of his first game I knew Lorenzo, working solo, was a stellar play-by-play man and his work over his four years here is among the very best I've heard in 31 years at Williams."

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