Neil Glass '95 From Eph Sports Info to ABC Sports, NBC Sports to VP/GM Advertising at Integrate

Neil Glass '95 From Eph Sports Info to ABC Sports, NBC Sports to VP/GM Advertising at Integrate

Current Job Title: VP/GM Advertising, Integrate, where I am focused on helping B2B marketers build their demand pipelines. 

Some prior roles include:

SVP, Global Data Strategy, IDG

CFO, SVP Business Development, Crisp Media (acquired by Quotient Technology)

CFO, SVP Licensing, Ziff Davis Media


College Football Logger, ABC Sports

NFL Football Logger, NBC Sports

Williams graduation year: 1995

Sport(s) played at Williams: Tennis & Squash

Degree you earned at Williams: B.A. Political Economy

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information: Somehow found my way to the 4th floor of Hopkins Hall (Sports Info office at the time) and was able to parlay my limited high school journalism background and my love of watching sports into the "best job on campus." (You mean I get paid to watch football and you are gonna feed me also!)

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information: football previews, football gameday stats, basketball stats, basketball writeups, men's tennis/men's squash writeups  

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory: Trying to get DQ's fax machine to work properly Saturday late afternoons in the fall each year to meet local publications' deadlines...learning DQ's 'scientific' method for estimating paid attendance at Weston Field....on a more serious note, probably getting to share in the excitement of the 1994 football Williams football season, which I believe was Coach Farley's 3rd 8-0-0 season. 

Fun Facts:  Neil has helped some Eph students gain summer internships at Crisp Media that enabled those Ephs to enter the digital sports world. In 1995 Neil won The Frank Deford Award. "One time when Neil was doing hoops stats I brought my young children over to meet him at the stats table," recalled DQ. "When Neil pulled out a snack pack from his gym bag and offered some to my kids he became a hero and forever known as 'Snax.' Every so often one of my kids will ask if I've seen or heard from Snax."