Lesley Whitcomb Fierst '96 Played Softball & Soccer and Worked in Eph Sports Information

Lesley Whitcomb Fierst '96 Played Softball & Soccer and Worked in Eph Sports Information

Current Job Title:  I'm Associate General Counsel in the legal department at Capital One, and I provide legal advice on a variety of things, including the commercials you see on TV during the Final Four. Since becoming a lawyer almost 20 years ago, I've clerked for a judge, worked at a couple of large law firms, been a public defender, and now work in-house for a financial services company, so I've had a pretty diverse career so far.

I love being a lawyer — I constantly get to learn new areas, help people navigate through gray space, and provide a voice or support for those who can't speak for themselves.

Williams graduation year:  1996

Sport(s) played at Williams:  Softball (4 years) and soccer (1 year)

So many of my great memories are from the field or the trips getting to/from games. Coach Kris Herman (who coached our nemesis Tufts when I was playing) and several players recently organized an Eph softball Zoom reunion, and through the emails leading up to call and during the call, the hits just kept coming with hilarious stories, inside jokes, and emotional jolts to 20+ years ago shared by teammates and players. As I watch my own kids get into team sports, it reminded me of the camaraderie and connection that I loved so much about playing sports.

Degree you earned at Williams:  B.A. in History and Sociology

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information:  Like many, I needed to work at Williams, and I loved (and still love) writing and sports - it was the perfect job for me. 

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information:  My primary assignment was writing about women's tennis matches, but anything I wrote about, it always involved watching friends or kids I knew playing a game they loved. 

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory:  Working in the booth with Beano Cook when ESPN2 came to broadcast the Williams-Amherst football game in 1995 — the one with the awful field conditions that ended in a 0-0 tie — was pretty cool. But really, it's the banter in the office with #1 Eph sports fan Dick Quinn and other sports-loving students that I remember most.

Fun Fact:  Lesley worked as an intern in the Sports illustrated Communications (PR/Media Relations) Department in the summer of 1994  between my first and second year at Williams thanks to DQ and Eph Tim Layden. It was an awesome experience, working with the SI writers and reaching out to newspapers to publicize their stories  That summer was capped by attending SI's 40 For the Ages gala event and meeting many of the 40 greatest names in sports (Muhammad Ali, Don King, Dr, J, Wayne Gretzky, Greg LeMond, Billie Jean King and more.