Aayush Khadka's Journey Has Been Long and Fruitful, Especially in Eph Sports info

Aayush Khadka's Journey Has Been Long and Fruitful, Especially in Eph Sports info

Current Job Title: I am currently a PhD candidate in Population Health Sciences at Harvard University. I spend my time researching the impact of housing policy on infant health outcomes in the United States and assisting with the teaching of a course on quantitative methods in population health sciences (a mix of epidemiology and econometric methods). 

Williams graduation year: 2012

Sport(s) played at Williams: None, unless we count intramural soccer and scrimmaging against the Eph women's team.

Degree at Williams: Political Science and Mathematics

How you got involved in Eph Sports Info: It was suggested to me by my advisor.

What were your duties in Eph Sports Info: Video work for the live broadcast of sporting events and, on occasion, commentary for the women's soccer team.

Favorite Eph Sports Info memory: I have a couple of favorite memories: 1) my first ever video broadcast was very memorable -- it was a men's hockey game, my first ever hockey game (!), and keeping track of the puck was quite challenging but extremely fun (!); 2) there was this one occasion where the radio commentators for the women's soccer game couldn't show up, so I remember taking over commentary duties and that was extremely fun too! 

Fun Facts: When Aayush's adviser Ed Burger called me to ask that I employ Aayush to help ease his transition from Katmandu, Nepal to Williams I offered Aayush the chance to set up the video coverage of Eph athletic events and he was tremendously reliable and proficient.

Two great memories of Aayush. The women's soccer game he did color commentary on after a lightening delay was impressive as he stood in the pouring rain and when I got to my office one of our players' parents emailed that Aayush's calling of the action was the best he had heard in four years.

Aayush came to my office in the spring of his sophomore year to tell me that he was going to keep his promise and work in Sports Info all four years even though he had been accepted to the Williams-Oxford Program. When I told Aayush he was fired he nearly collapsed and then I said, "Aayush, you cannot come to Williams College from Katmandu, get accepted to the most prestigious Junior Abroad Program at Williams, and turn it down. You're going to Oxford if I have to drag you." He went to Oxford and Eph Sports Info survived that year, but we were most happy to have Aayush back for his senior year."

In 2012 Aayush won the Aaron Pinsky '06 Student Broadcasting Award.