Dylan Dethier '14, Published Author Before Graduating, Now Writing for GOLF Magazine

Dylan Dethier '14, Published Author Before Graduating, Now Writing for GOLF Magazine

Williams graduation year:  2014

Sport(s) played at Williams:  Golf and very occasional fill-in for JV basketball

Degree you earned at Williams:  English 

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information: The Sports Information Department was my destiny. I was born and raised in Williamstown a massive sports fan and a voracious follower of all things Ephs — particularly the soccer and hoops teams — so when I ended up enrolled at the school it was a no-brainer to get involved.

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information:  I covered baseball, golf, squash and tennis during various seasons, but the ski team was my most consistent beat. I was mostly a writer but would fill in occasionally to work hoops games or NCAA tournament contests in one form or another. There were a lot of teams doing really well during my four years, so there was always plenty of work to go around.

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory:  Dick Quinn would always wrangle some particularly impressive speaker for the spring Sports Info awards ceremony and probably the most exciting guy to meet was Frank Deford, a larger-than-life sports writer who spoke and presented my senior spring.  

Sports info had many hidden benefits, too. It helped me get to know students and coaches better, taught me a little more about the world of digital media and trained me on how to file from anywhere. Plenty of race recaps were written from the corners of rowdy common rooms. I learned how to get the work done and get it done on deadline. Those ski team fans need to know!

It's been cool to see my friends and contemporaries in Sports Info like Darren Hartwell '13, Kathleen Elkins '14 and Jake Abrahams '14 continue on to thrive in various roles in the digital media world.

Fun Facts: Dylan took a Winter Study Sports Writing Class from Eph alum Tim Layden '78 and the first Masters Dylan covered he was assigned a seat next to Layden. Dylan won the sports writers drawing that spring and got to play Augusta National the day after the Masters. He shot 3-over par and Dylan will tell you that it was not from the back tees, which is true, but it was still Augusta National. Before enrolling at Williams Dylan took a gap year that found him driving the 48 contiguous states and golfing in each one, which led to his book – 18 in America.

Dylan won The Frank Deford Award in 2014.

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