Ben Allison '14: From Eph Sports Info to VP Global Media VaynerMedia (London)

Ben Allison '14: From Eph Sports Info to VP Global Media VaynerMedia (London)

Current Job Title: Title:  VP, Global Media at VaynerMedia (London)

Description:  I oversee the media department for the VaynerMedia London office. Our department works directly with Fortune 500 clients to plan, manage and buy advertising space on their behalf across online and offline channels. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside many other Eph alum (through our internship program and direct hiring) and am always looking for ways to continue to build our network of Ephs!

Williams graduation year:  2014

Sport(s) played at Williams:  Lacrosse

Degree you earned at Williams:  BA in Art History & Political Science

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information:  I had the honor and privilege of being an Eph Sports Information fanatic, while I was still attending Amherst Regional High School. Both of my older brothers (Barrett Allison, '09, and James Allison, '11) were part of the Eph Sports Information community, and I had the chance to observe DQ and the Sports Information team when I would travel to see my brothers play baseball down at Bobby Coombs Field. 

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information:  I wore many hats within the Sports Information team, including announcing Women's Basketball, live-streaming Women's and Men's Basketball, keeping score at Field Hockey and Women's Lacrosse games, camera work for NSN at Football games, announcing Softball games and doing some of the initial video highlight work for Men's Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country, Women's & Men's Basketball, among others.

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory:  Without a doubt, my favorite Eph Sports Information memory is getting my lower back treated in the clubhouse of Fenway Park on a trip to Boston to do camera work for "Frozen Fenway" in 2014. I would gladly deal with the frigid temperatures and herniated disc again to have another chance to walk on the field and get treatment in the Red Sox locker room!

Fun Fact:  Ben, most commonly known to his friends as "Muggsy" did shoot and edit a spectacular video on an unbearably cold night when the Eph men's ice hockey team came from behind to topple Trinity in a game that was accurately billed as a part of the Frozen Fenway series.

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