Seth McClennen '93 From Sports Info to Cardiologist and Instructor at Harvard Medical School

Seth McClennen '93 From Sports Info to Cardiologist and Instructor at Harvard Medical School

Current Job Title: 

Physician (cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist)

Chief, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth, MA

Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Williams graduation year:  1993

Sport(s) played at Williams:  Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track

Degree you earned at Williams:  BA Organic Chemistry 

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information:  Recruited by Dick Quinn junior year 

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information:  Beat reporter for all men's running sports

Favorite Eph Sports Information memories:

  1. I came from a modest background (and always had used an old fashioned coffee percolator).  One day DQ asked me to "make coffee for us" in a standard automatic drip coffee machine.  I started with water in the pot itself and wondered why nothing was happening.  DQ had a good laugh at my expense.
  2. Hearing Frank Deford talk in Chapin at The Frank Deford Award ceremony.

Fun Facts:  At the first Alumni cross country race after Seth had graduated and was off to Medical School at Dartmouth DQ asked Seth's then girlfriend and now wife, Martha, how things were going for them up at Dartmouth. Martha replied, "Well, I'm dating the most hated person in the class, because so far he knows all of the answers, but otherwise things are good." 

After a two-mile race one day in his final track season Seth crumpled to the surface of the Plansky Track and was dry heaving. DQ concerned, approached Seth and assistant track coach Dick Farley walked over and casually said, "Does Dr. McClennen need a doctor?" Soon Seth was able to get to his feet and get some liquids in his body. Seth never gave less than 100%.

Seth and a female runner at Bowdoin were responsible for convincing their presidents to allow NESCAC teams to participate in NCAA team championships and the rest of NESCAC soon followed. Seth's senior year the Eph men's cross country team qualified as a team for the NCAA Championship meet with a strong finish at the NCAA New England Championship, but at the time only NESCAC runners who qualified individually could compete at the NCAA race.