Lexi Curt '18: Former Eph Softball Player & Sports Info Color Commentator at Harvard Medical School Now

Lexi Curt '18: Former Eph Softball Player & Sports Info Color Commentator at Harvard Medical School Now

Current Job Title:  I worked at Boston Children's Hospital in the Emergency Department from 2018-20 and started at Harvard Medical School in August 2020. 

Williams graduation year:  2018

Sport(s) played at Williams:  Softball (I dabbled in men's and women's club water polo my senior year) 

Degree you earned at Williams:  American History with a concentration in race relations and I completed the Pre-med track 

How you got involved in Eph Sports Information:  I needed an on-campus job and love sports so working with Ephs Sports Information simply made sense. I got to make money and watch sports? I thought that was a pretty sweet deal. Although the very early meeting on the first day of classes almost made me change my mind. My teammate and friend, Margo Beck, was also going to the break of dawn meeting so I figured I'd go with her and check it out. Best decision I made! Little did I know I would also get to meet incredible professional broadcasters who helped me with my commentating and who were so fun to work with. 

What were your duties in Ephs Sports Information:  I was a color commentator for men's soccer and basketball and women's soccer, volleyball, and basketball. 

Favorite Eph Sports Information memory: There was nothing quite like scaling the soccer scaffold on a misty, fall morning unsure if you'd slip or summit successfully. We'd always jokingly celebrate each time one of us made it up and squeezed onto the landing. The Aaron Pinsky Award dinner was another great memory, especially getting to know Mike Disner. He was Class of 2007 and gave an inspiring speech about his time at Williams and how he landed in the professional sports world. I personally love hearing alumni speak about their paths and Mike Disner's was one of the best I heard.  

Fun Facts:  Lexi won the Aaron Pinsky '06 Student Broadcasting Award in 2016 and was a two-time All-American in softball.