Torrence M. Hunt Tournament Courts Renovation Project

Torrence M. Hunt Tournament Courts Renovation Project

WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS. -- The Torrence M. Hunt Tournament Courts, the home of the Eph men's and women's tennis teams, is currently undergoing a large-scale renovation project. The plan is to remove all of the components of the six original competition courts to make them more sufficient to play on and maintain. 

"I'm most excited about breaking in the new courts for our first home-match of the season this spring," head women's coach Anik Cepeda stated.

The unsuitable material beneath the old courts created annual maintenance strategies that attempted to fix the cracking and poor drainage of the six courts. The new courts will be post tension concrete, which will allow for the courts to be better able to withstand weather conditions and maintain a better surface.

"Less work for our amazing facilities crew will be a huge bonus, as will getting an edge in recruiting," said head men's coach Dan Greenberg. "I think we have one of the nicest backdrops in the country, so these renovations will make it one of the best facilities out there."   

Also included in the project will be new fencing around the courts, new tennis nets, the addition of a scoreboard, new seating, electrical and drainage upgrades, and a PA system. 

 "It will be a much better venue for spectators," commented Athletic Director Lisa Melendy. "In particular, the addition of a scoreboard will allow spectators to follow the match progress rather than just drop by and not know what is going on." 

The project is expected to be completed by early October.