Farley-Lamb Field

The newly re-configured Weston Field Athletic Complex opened in the fall of 2014 is home to Ephs football.

Farley-Lamb Field (long turf), named for the longtime football and lacrosse coaches Dick Farley and Renzie Lamb, will be the Ephs' new home. The field is lighted, and can accomodate up to 1500 people in the home bleachers in addition to many more standing-room-only spots for spectators.

A team support building, located at the south end of Farley-Lamb Field provides all of the teams with countless resources. The building contains four sizable home locker rooms, two for men, and two for women, in addition to separate locker rooms for coaches.

The Ephs also have access to a training room complete with an examination room, a hydrotherapy room, and a taping room. On the second floor, the teams enjoy a spacious multipurpose room.

Teams can use the filming deck to film games or practices from a behind-the-goal line view. The building also contains offices for coaches, a laundry room, and a massive storage area for equipment. There are viewing decks on both sides of the building for spectators. This complex gives Williams' athletes sports facilities that are among the best in NCAA Division III.