Ephs top Trinity 7-4 in Home Opener

Doug Schaffer '19 and Alex Panstares '19 celebrate after scoring vs. Trinity
Doug Schaffer '19 and Alex Panstares '19 celebrate after scoring vs. Trinity

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – The Williams College Ephs (4-12, 2-4) took on the Trinity College Bantams (9-10, 4-2) today in their first home game of the season.  Today's game was not a part of conference play.  The Ephs are coming off of a 2-1 series loss to Amherst over the weekend.  Action kicked off at 4:00 pm and ran for two hours and forty-five minutes.

The Ephs's four runs by the third inning put them in the lead until Trinity tied the score in the sixth.  An inning later the Ephs moved back into the lead and maintained it until the game ended in the top of the ninth at 7-4.

 Sophomore Mike Stamas started at pitcher for the Ephs in the top of the first.  A fly out to center field handed Trinity its first out of the inning.  Unfortunately, on the same play, a twisted ankle after the ball was caught, took Williams' first year Eric Pappas out for the game.  Fellow first year Philip Barnett replaced him at center field.  The Bantam's first basemen's double on the next play looked promising for Trinity.  However, a solid defensive showing by the Ephs moved the game into the bottom of the first with two consecutive fly outs to centerfield.  The Ephs started the game equally quietly.  At Barnetts first at bat, he was walked on a hit pitch.  The following batter lined out to right field.  Senior Jack Roberts got on base with a single through the right side, which advanced Barnett to second base.  However, Junior Kellen Hatheway's reach on a fielder's choice gave the Ephs their second out at third base.  A strike out on the following batter ended the first inning.

At the top of the second, the Bantams started with a ground out to the short stop.  A double to center field and a walk on the next two plays put runners on second and third.  The Ephs delivered Trinity's second out of the inning with a pick off to first base between plays.  Another walk, followed by a single to left field, batted in the first run of the game.  Trinity completed the top of the second inning up 1-0 after a final strike out.  The Ephs began the bottom of the second with two walks.  On the third batter, Junior Tom Benz pinch hit for Barnett.  He stepped up to the plate with a runner on second and third.  His reach on a fielding error brought in Senior Adam Regensburg and Junior Alex Panstares to make the score 2-1 Williams.  A fly out to right field and a line out to the shortstop moved the game into the third inning.

Other than a single up the right side by the first batter, Trinity was unable to get on base in the third inning.  A strike out, ground out, and line out put the Ephs back up at bat.  The Ephs first at bat in the third resulted in a ground out to the short stop.  Sophomore Doug Schaffer earned a single up the middle as the next batter.  He advanced to second on a stolen base and was batted in alongside Panstares (who got on base via a hit pitch) with a double by Junior David Kwan.  A fly out and ground out ended the inning with Williams up 4-1.

At the top of the fourth inning, senior Michael Cassidy stepped in as pitcher for Mike Stamas.  Trinity senior Brendan Pierce tripled to right field in the Bantam's first at bat.  On the following play Trinity's catcher was walked.  With a man on third and first, a sacrifice fly out to center field brought in Trinity's second run of the game.  A single to left field combined with a throwing error to bring in another Bantam run.  The top of the inning ended with the score now at 4-3.  For the Ephs, a single down the infield line by first year Ed Manzella, followed by a single bunt by Cassidy put a man on first and second.  Unfortunately, three consecutive outs moved the game into the fifth. 

The beginning of the fifth inning saw Will O'Brien entering the game as the Ephs' third pitcher.  A strong Williams defensive showing produced a ground out, strike out, and fly out to move the game into the bottom of the fifth.  The Bantam's followed suit with a ground out, fly out, and strike out, respectively to make it a quick inning.

Moving into the sixth, Sophomore Charlie Carpenter stepped in to replace O'Brien.  A Trinity triple to center field on the first at bat put a man on third.  A strike out on the following batter was followed by a sacrifice fly out to right field which brought the score even to 4-4.  The top of the following inning ended with another strike out.  A strong pitching and fielding effort by the Bantams resulted in two fly outs, and a strike out to end the Ephs' inning. 

The top of the seventh was a tense one for the Bantams.  A fielding error gave Trinity a runner on first in their first at bat.  A quick strike out and pop up to the second basemen handed the Bantam's two of their three outs.  However, a hit batter, balk, and intentional walk loaded the bases on the following three plays.  Despite the promising circumstance, a line out to the center fielder ended their inning with no change in score.  The Ephs began the seventh with Robert's bunt to get on first.  On the next play, Hatheway reached first on a fielding error by the third basemen.  Roberts advanced to third, and Hatheway to second on Schaffers subsequent ground out to third.  Unfortunately, Roberts was caught stealing on the same play to bring the Ephs' out count to two.  Panstares stepped up to the plate with Hatheway still on second.  His triple to right field batted in Hatheway to make the score 5-4 in favor of Williams. 

First year Bryan Wooley stepped in at the top of the eighth as Williams' fifth pitcher of the game.  Trinity began the inning with a walk.  On the following play, a strike out and a caught steal attempt gave the Bantams two quick outs.  The final out came two batters later with another strikeout.  The Ephs at bat in the eighth inning started off slowly but ended strong.  A strike out and a line out on the first two batters put the out count at two.  Manzela's walk on the next at bat got him to first.  He advanced to second on a wild pitch, and was batted in for the Ephs' 6th run of the game by Stamas' single to center field.  Roberts followed suit with a triple to right center on the following play to bring in Williams' final run of the game.  

Moving into the ninth, the score was 7-4 Williams.  First year pitcher George Carrol came in to close out the game for the Ephs.  Two fly outs, and a foul out ended the inning and the game with the Ephs on top.

Head Coach Bill Barrale was pleased with the team's effort: "Today was a nice team win.  We have cut down on our errors and hit the ball well under the pressure of two strikes which is an area we have struggled historically," He continued on to praise Stamas' effort on both sides of the plate: "Mike did very well as our starter and had a particular important RBI in the eighth," He concluded,  "It is always nice to get a win at home, especially against a strong team like Trinity College."

The Ephs improved their season record today to 4-12.  Their next chance at competition will be tomorrow at home against Vassar College.  Play will begin at 4:00 pm in slightly warmer temperatures. 


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