ESPN’s College Football GameDay Legend Lee Corso Still Loves the Williams College Purple Cow

Lee Corso (cow head) and Kirk Herbstreit in Nov. 2007 photo by Berkshire Eagle's Caroline Bonniver
Lee Corso (cow head) and Kirk Herbstreit in Nov. 2007 photo by Berkshire Eagle's Caroline Bonniver

ESPN College Football GameDay legend Lee Corso who always concludes each Saturday morning broadcast by donning the head of the mascot he thinks will win the featured game has included the Ephs' famous purple cow once again in a GameDay promo.

Making its second appearance in a College Football GameDay promo the Williams College purple cow head appears right after Corso is seen in a Davey Crockett coonskin hat toting a rifle.

See second purple cow appearance in an ESPN College Football GameDay commercial HERE.

Keen observers will also note that Corso, with the Bob Peck Grandstand in the background and two white tents to the right of the grandstand, tosses the head of Lord Jeffrey Amherst into the crowd shortly after Kirk Herbstreit's family arrives on set.

November 10, 2007 when ESPN's College Football GameDay made its first appearance at a NCAA Division III location, the Ephs' Weston Field, Corso held up the head of Lord Jeffrey Amherst as though he might put it on. Would he dare to predict an Amherst upset? Soon Corso came to his senses and tossed Lord Jeffrey's mascot head into the crowd. Corso then donned the head of what later became "The Most Lovable College Mascot" [Reader's Digest poll: May, 2011], the Williams College purple cow!

Corso's second thoughts about putting on the head of Lord Jeffrey Amherst and instead selecting the head of the purple cow proved to be right on the money as the Ephs won 20-0.

The November 10, 2007 edition of ESPN's College football GameDay was the 150th remote broadcast of what for many has become must-see TV on Saturday college football mornings.

The first appearance of the Williams College purple cow in an ESPN College football GameDay commercial came in September of 2010 when James Dunn '10 dressed up as the purple cow and was filmed in late May along with six other Division I mascots in Long Beach, CA.

See first ESPN College Football GameDay purple cow appearance HERE.

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