Ephs Down Smith 5-0

Ephs Down Smith 5-0

NORTHAMPTON, MA- The Williams College Ephs (2-1) toppled the Smith College Pioneers (1-5) in a 5-0 victory, with 4 different Ephs scoring their first goals of the 2019 season.

The Ephs had an early chance when junior Claire Fitzpatrick found herself in the circle against the Pioneer defense, but a hard shot off her stick hit the pad of Pioneer keeper Channy Cornell. 

From there on, the Ephs dominated offensively. Junior Simone Veale and first-year Catherine Torres took consecutive shots at 5:54 and 5:59 but both were blocked by the Pioneer defense including keeper Cornell. But the mix up of players in the circle as both teams converged forced a foul against the Pioneers on junior Allie Weiner, who was given a penalty shot and notched the first goal of the game to put the Ephs up 1-0 (5:59). 

The Ephs took the momentum in stride, firing shot after shot at keeper Cornell, who managed to block most of the Eph shots. First-year Emma Batchelor rocketed 3 back to back shots at the goal, the first two were knocked aside, and the third went just wide of the net (7:08,7:24,7:30)

Sophomore Siobhan Morrissey took her own shot at 9:17 but was blocked by Cornell as well. 

After the Ephs were pushed just outside the circle, an offensive surge took them back in with the ball with junior Claire Fitzpatrick rallying two shots that were blocked by the Pioneer defense (11:00) and saved once again by Cornell (11:45). Batchelor made another shot at 11:48 that was pushed out by the goalie, but senior Emma Ticknor picked up the rebound and took a hard shot that hit the back of the net to put the Ephs up 2-0 (11:51). 

The Pioneers would keep the Ephs at bay until the second quarter, where the Eph sticks fired up once again. The Ephs pushed three shots on goal at Cornell who turned the balls away quickly. But Fitzpatrick was able to take the ball deep into the net on a pass from Ticknor to increase the Eph lead to 3-0. The Ephs continued to have a strong offensive half, not letting up the offensive pressure as the buzzer sounded at the end of the half.

A ten-minute half time didn't slow the Ephs down in the slightest. As the Ephs rallied shot after shot, the Pioneer defense stepped up to ease the pressure on their goalie, blocking shots from four different Eph shooters. After her shot was blocked at 35:11, Ticknor once again found control of the ball and sent it deep into the net to extend the lead to 4-0 for the Ephs. Ticknor would fire the last two shots of the quarter at 37:09 and 39:15, both pushed out by the Pioneer defense. 

In the 4th quarter, the Ephs made a substitution at goalie, putting first-year Gates Tenerowicz in for senior Abby Lloyd

The Ephs began to play a bit more defense at the Pioneers felt the time pressure of the final quarter, giving them less scoring opportunities than the previous quarters. After a wave of substitutions from the Eph sideline, it would be senior Calla Khilnani that would find the back of the net, in her first opportunity of the season, on a pass from fellow senior Nina McGowan to secure the Eph win at 5-0. 

First-year Mercedes Crestanello would make the final shot of the game at 56:43 that Cornell saved, but the Eph win was finalized as the last minutes ticked down. 

The Ephs totaled an impressive 20 shots on goal for the match, 14 of which were saved by Pioneer keeper Channy Cornell. 

The Ephs next game will be a NESCAC matchup at Trinity College on Saturday, September 21st at 12 pm EST.

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