Ephs Defeat Hamilton in Double Overtime

Ephs Defeat Hamilton in Double Overtime

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA- The Williams College Ephs (8-1, 5-1 NESCAC) won an exciting double-overtime match against the Hamilton College Continentals (3-5, 1-4 NESCAC) to win their 8th consecutive game. Following a penalty corner at 73:24, Isabel Perry '20 fired the winning goal to bring the Eph victory, downing the Continentals 2-1 (73:37).

The Ephs began the match with a strong offensive push, notching a penalty corner at 3:13 but ultimately were unable to find a shot. Another penalty corner at 5:13 saw a pass from Emily Batchelor '23 to Simone Veale '21 at the top of the circle, but the shot from Veale was saved by Continental keeper Maggie Reville. It would be Reville that would keep the fiery Eph offense at bay for most of the game. 

The Continentals had a chance with a penalty corner at 6:28 but the pass from Sarah Pierpont got lost in the scramble of the circle, and the Ephs ultimately regained possession.

The Ephs fired two more shots in the quarter, one from Emma Ticknor '20 and one from Siobhan Morrissey '22, but Reville played them away easily (9:14, 9:19). 

In the second quarter, the offense got off to a quick start with a shot coming from Ticknor at 15:25. But an aggressive block from Reville pushed the ball back out of the circle. Reville turned away the next five shots from the Ephs, quieting the Eph offense. But on a shot from Claire Fitzpatrick '21, Reville cleared the ball back to Veale who fired a close shot into the back of the net to put the Ephs up 1-0 (26:41). 

Restarting in the middle, Shea van den Broek '23 made a break down the field but was stopped by Reville with an aggressive move, and a subsequent penalty stroke was issued. Allie Wiener '21 would take the shot for the Ephs, aiming for the top right corner but Reville predicted her move and dove in front of the shot, keeping the score at 1-0 (27:58).

At the half, the Ephs had 11 shots on goal, 10 of which were saved by Reville. Eph Keeper Abby Lloyd and the Eph defense had yet to see any shooting action from the Continentals. 

Into the third quarter, the Ephs continued to push back against the Continental defense with a shot by Fitzpatrick that was turned down by Reville and a shot from Batchelor that was denied by a defensive save by Cat Donahue (35:57, 36:38). In the 39th minute, the Continentals broke away from the Eph offense with possession and rallied down the field and into the circle for a penalty corner (39:49). Pierpont fired the pass to Michaela Giuttari who found Maura Holden by the net. Holden snuck a quick shot past Lloyd to tie the game at 1-1 (39:57). 

The Eph offense rallied back, continuing to pepper the Continental goal with shot after shot, but Reville remained steadfast and knocked each Eph attempt aside. 

In the fourth quarter, tensions were raised as the score remained at 1-1. Fitzpatrick had two early shots at 46:48 and 48:46 but could not get past the keeper. The Continentals took another shot of their own off the stick of Tracey Stafford, but Abby Lloyd stepped in quickly to knock the shot aside (52:33). 

As the minutes ticked down, the Eph offense was undeterred. Two final minute shots by Fitzpatrick were once again blocked by Reville as the regulation time ran out.

Heading into the first overtime the tensions were high, as the first goal scored would win the game for the scoring team. The Continentals would take the first shot as the Ephs were outnumbered due to leftover penalty time from a green card issued to Batchelor in the 4th quarter. Giuttari fired a straight shot at the goal but could not make it past Lloyd (61:15). 

Ticknor fired the first two shots for the Ephs off of two consecutive penalty corners but was halted by the pads of Reville (63:34, 63:42). 

As the Ephs and Continentals battled for dominance, a last-minute run down the field saw a shot from Fitzpatrick go just wide of the net to send the game into its second overtime (68:27).

The second overtime was just as intense, with the Continentals once again beginning with possession and threatening the Ephs with a penalty corner at 71:19. The resulting shot from Lizzie Clarke was knocked away by Lloyd and the Ephs regained possession. 

Taking the ball down the field, the Ephs notched a penalty corner at 72:18. The pass from Perry found Elizabeth Welch '22 in the circle and the shot hit the post and ricocheted back out into the field of play. A foul within the scramble for the rebounded ball pushed another penalty corner and another shot from Welch that was saved by Reville. Yet another penalty corner was awarded, and a false start by a Continental defender left only 2 defenders and Reville in the circle as Perry sent the ball out. Perry's pass to Welch at the top of the circle found its way back to her close to the net, where she fired one shot that ricocheted off of Reville and a second and final shot that hit the back of the net to secure the Eph win at 73:37. 

The Ephs totaled 22 shots on goal for the night, 20 of which were saved by Continental keeper Maggie Reville and two of which were goals. Eph keeper Abby Lloyd had three saves and allowed one goal.

"What a game. We knew coming into this game it was going to be a battle and their goalie was sensational. It took us a little while to get into the groove of the game, we were playing well but just not converting in the circle, and we began to get a little frantic. But it became a game of mental toughness and pushing through the exhaustion at the end there and we couldn't have had a better ending." - Coach Alix Barrale

The Ephs next matchup will be a NESCAC game at Colby at 12 pm on Saturday, October 5th.

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