Where the EPH Are They Now? Mika Frechette '93

Where the EPH Are They Now?  Mika Frechette '93

As the first interviewee in the field hockey alumni project "Where the EPH are they now?", Mika Frechette provides an exciting story of a winding path from Williams. Mika was a successful field hockey player who played alongside Coach Alix Barrale before Alix was Coach! Mika joked that Alix's record-setting goal career wouldn't have happened without her feeds, but her own post-Williams career was also really impacted by her time at Williams and on the team. 

Mika met her husband at Williams, and after graduating, they each moved to New York City. Mika began a career in consulting, which would later take her to investment banking. She got an M.B.A. and was successful as a businesswoman; Mika liked what she did and she was good at it.  

She always harbored an interest in design, though. Mika mentioned that as a kid on playdates, she used to love to reimagine her friend's house's furniture. She liked arranging books and pondering paint palettes. Now, looking back on these passions and where she is today, her eye for design stands out. 

After fifteen years of working in business, Mika moved to London when her husband was transferred for a year. Unable to secure an international work visa, the year in London was a bit of a blessing in disguise! Mika took the opportunity away from work and New York and embraced her passion for design and visuals. She spent time traveling, with her kids, and exploring the rich and creative world of art and architecture in London. 

When the Frechettes returned to the U.S., Mika brought back a new eye for these arts. She'd just given birth to her second child, and decided not to return to business; instead, she began bringing clients to London to tour and buy pieces, which Mika would help design in their homes back in the States. Eventually, after having her third and fourth children, Mika took another step towards where she is today: Vermont, where she grew up. On a visit to her beloved home state, Mika fell back in love with the farm life and decided to relocate her family. 

She operates a successful farm, airbnb's, and an interior design business there. On the farm, Mika and her family take care of 24 sheep, llamas, goats, chickens and bees. Her home is artfully curated in a modern style, and she draws in her love of antiques as well. Mika is building her social media platform across all lines of her business, and she continues to help clients furnish homes and apartments with this eye for modern interiors as well as the world of art she discovered back in London. She manages these multiple businesses and clients all over the place.

What would Mika tell a fellow Ephwoman? She spoke of her winding tale to where she is now. When Mika fell in love with the farm, she knew where she wanted to be, but still didn't know what shape the business of it would take. The farm had a logo before it had a full plan. She didn't know, but she knew it would come! She qualified this tale by saying that she doesn't regret how she got to where she is today—everything helped her learn. Her business background allowed her to set up these LLCs, and she's glad for the friends she made back in Greenwich and New York. 

Finally, Mika is of course glad for her time at Williams. She keeps in good touch with her teammates, and her class has an annual get together. She and Alix also remain in good touch— Alix told me before Mika did the story of a sheep surprise: Mika had been told that her male sheep had been castrated, but it turned out they had not— so now she has many more sheep!

Mika's story is winding, but started with the lessons she learned as an Eph and the friends she made on the team. She went through a whole other career, two countries, four kids, and a move before finding herself happy where she is now. Her story is one to remember as current players think about where they might want to end up, and the things that excite them!

Follow Mika's story or get in touch via Instagram @stoneledgefarmhome

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