Day 2 in Spain Features First Practice, Boat Ride, and Touring

Day 2 in Spain Features First Practice, Boat Ride, and Touring

Team correspondent Chris Galvin reporting in with highlihgts of the Ephs second day in Spain:

"Through just two days in Spain, I've come to really appreciate a full night's rest. Monday in Spain has been a much more productive and well remembered day with jet lag taking a much lesser toll. The day has been much more normalized than the day and a half we experienced from Saturday through Sunday.

"The morning started with a practice in a local gymnasium that was about a 20 minute walk from our hotel. That first practice was something the entire team has been waiting for since the beginning of summer. Each and every member of this team and coaching staff has put in an entire summer's worth of work so that we might put ourselves in the best possible position to win championships. From another player's viewpoint, Michael Greenman said that the team's excitement created a visible enthusiasm that lasted throughout the practice. Playing together again was like what I imagine eating a Pub burger will be like when I get home again: unbelievably exciting, wildly messy, and plain satisfying.

"However, the day did not end after practice. Our journey continued to the military castle resting on the peninsula of Tossa de Mar. A roughly forty-five minute boat voyage placed us on the beach of the cute coastal town, thriving with local restaurants and souvenir shops. The castle itself was impressively constructed into and on top of the cliffs of Mt. Guardi protruding out into the Mediterranean with an operational lighthouse established on the highest peak. The views from the top were breathtaking.

"After the short hike, many members of the team went their own ways to get dinner, gelato, and other souvenirs before hopping back on to the ferry and heading home to our hotel in Lloret de Mar. The day was full, but tomorrow's adventures are once again highly anticipated."

Ephs in front of military castle in Tossa De Mar
Beach in front of military castle
Ephs Staff (Left to Rght) : Head Coach Kevin App,
Asst. Coach Justin Bradley & Asst. Coach Brian Emerson