Day 4 in Spain: Ephs Win 1st of Three Games in Spain, 73-56

Day 4 in Spain: Ephs Win 1st of Three Games in Spain, 73-56

Team correspondent Chris Galvin's Day 4 report:

Kyle Scadlock '19 scores inside

Game day, finally. The team member's individual summers were all leading up to this moment, and we delivered. But before the game, we still had a day full of touring and site seeing mostly based in Girona with another shorter excursion to the hilly town of Pals.

Girona was the highlight of the excursion for many members of the team. A good amount of the critically acclaimed and highly awarded HBO television show Game of Thrones (GOT) was filmed within the walls of the city. This news prompted a full on scavenger hunt for filming locations scattered throughout the entire city. The mission was a great success, and with many members of the team being full on GOT junkies, Girona proved to be a rewarding stop.

Beyond the hunt for filming locations, the spectacular Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona was fascinating. The cathedral was consecrated in 1038 in the Romanesque style. Gorgeous paintings, tapestries, tombs, and altars were in an abundance. Among many other stops, the cathedral stood alone as the most impressive.

Post-Game Bisbal Bàsquet & Ephs

After our stop in Girona, we traveled to the sleepy town of Pals towards the Spanish coast. The ancient town boasted beautiful architecture and magnificent views of the mountainside to the west and ocean to the east. The hilly town also had some tremendous ice cream and crepes, the official pre-game meal of the Ephs men's basketball team.

Despite the long day, a game had to be played as the night approached. The small, humid gym had a solid showing for our first game of the trip versus Bisbal Bàsquet.

The first half was pretty well contested. We were trying to adjust to a different style of play and getting a feel for a team that we had no way of scouting in advance. Our opponents consisted of men ranging from 24-30 years old. The European style of play is surprisingly different from American basketball, and the rules are even more different.

Cathedral of St. Mary of Girona

After going into halftime with a single-digit lead, we really came together and started to play solid team basketball focusing on defensive intensity that led to baskets on the offensive end.

Shortly into the third quarter, the starting unit managed a double-digit lead that was more or less maintained until the lead swelled to twenty in the beginning of the fourth quarter and a final margin of 17, 73-56.

"It was a long day for the team, but I thought we played very hard and, most importantly, together," said Eph head coach Kevin App. "It was very rewarding seeing the group back together wearing purple and gold and showing how hard they worked this summer."

Sophomore Kyle Scadlock's 15 points, including two back door dunks, really gave life to our team on the offensive end. Sophomore Michael Kempton also did a solid job controlling the boards, collecting eight rebounds, including three on the offensive glass. Senior Taysean Scott beautifully distributed the ball as well, tallying five assists for the Ephs. All Ephs scored in a balanced attack on the night.

Senior All-NESCAC guard/forward Dan Aronowitz said of the win, "It was difficult for the team as whole to adjust to European officiating, but we came together in the second half and played very solid basketball. We got stops, made open shots, and played with the competitiveness and selflessness we needed. It was amazing playing with these guys again, and I can't wait to compete on Friday."

The Ephs' next game will be Friday night in the greater Barcelona area.

Victorious Ephs enjoying a post-game meal
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