Ephs Beat Trailblazers 117-34

Marcos Soto '19
Marcos Soto '19

Williamstown, MA – The Williams College Ephs (3-0) topped the MCLA Trailblazers (1-3) 117-34 in a Tuesday night showdown.

The Ephs came into this game with a 2-0 record after winning the Tip-Off Tournament this past weekend.  

After trading baskets at the beginning of the game, the Ephs would catch fire on both sides of the court. With 17 minutes left in the half, the Ephs would keep the Trailblazers off of the board for nearly 6 minutes, and during that period the Ephs would go on a 17-0 run and put them up 35-11. 

At the half, the Ephs led 59-23. The Ephs shot 63.9% from the field, and 41.7% from behind the arc. James Heskett led the Ephs in scoring with 16 points and was tied for the most rebounds of the half with Henry Feinberg with four apiece. The Trailblazers shot 27% from the field and made three three-pointers.  Joaquin Scullark led the team in both points (12) and rebounds (3). 

After the break, the Ephs would start the half with a 7-1 run, with baskets coming from Matt Karpowicz, James Heskett, and Bobby Casey. The Ephs continued to thrive on both the offensive and defensive end. The Ephs would later go on a 25-0 run that lasted nearly nine minutes. A lot of Eph players were getting involved in tonight's contest, and the bench played a huge role in the team's success. 

The Ephs bench put up 67 points in the game. 

At the final buzzer, the Ephs topped the Trailblazers 117-34. The Ephs leading scorer was James Heskett, (21) followed by Spencer Spivy (16) and Vince Brookins (12). Henry Feinberg led the Ephs in rebounds (7), and Bobby Casey led the team in assists (5). Williams shot 63.1% from the field and 50%% from behind the arc. Leading the Trailblazers in points (13) and rebounds (5) was Joaquin Scullark.  

"I was very proud of the guys," Eph head coach Kevin App commented on his team's performance. "MCLA is one or two guys down from last year, but a very similar group that we played last year, where It was 44-40 at halftime. They exposed some things on defense, and tonight I think the guys had that in the back of their minds. The leaders came out and played with some intensity at the start, and that carried over to the rest of the guys who stepped up. When we play like that, we are pretty good." 

The Ephs next game will be on Nov. 24 at Manhattanville at 3 p.m.