Ephs Defeat Bantams 86-50

Matthew Karpowicz '20
Matthew Karpowicz '20

Williamstown, MA – The Williams College Ephs (17-2, NESCAC 5-1) defeated the Trinity College Bantam (13-6, NESCAC 2-3) 86-50 in the lone game of the weekend.

The Ephs big man set the tone for the Ephs early in tonight's matchup. Senior Kyle Scadlock scored the first 6 points for the Ephs, and Matthew Karpowicz picked up where Kyle left off scoring seven straight points for the Ephs. Karpowicz also played a vital role in protecting the interior with four blocks in the first half. The Ephs led 25-10 with just under nine minutes left in the half.

"Karp has been playing at a consistent pace," Eph head coach Kevin App commented regarding junior center Matthew Karpowicz, "I thought he was the best player on the floor in our Middlebury game. His confidence and understanding of how to sustain that energy over longer minutes has been fun to watch."

The Bantams' offense would eventually start gelling together, but the Ephs were persistent and able to maintain their lead throughout the half. After twenty minutes of play, the Ephs led 48-24.

The Ephs shot 50% from the field and knocked down 7 of 16 attempts from deep. Kyle Scadlock (12 points, seven rebounds), Matthew Karpowicz (10 points, six rebounds) and Bobby Casey (10 points, two assists) led the way for the Ephs in the first. The Bantams were 31% from the field and completed 3 of their nine three-point attempts. They were scoring by committee in the first half, and Donald Jorden (5 points, two rebounds) and Kyle Padmore (4 points, five rebounds) led the way for the Bantams after 20 minutes.

The second half was less fluid than the first with a large number of fouls being called on both teams. The Ephs would maintain their lead throughout the half and would go on to win 86-50.

The Ephs finished with 40.8% shooting from the field and hit ten threes on 27 attempts. They also made 36 of 47 free throws. Bobby Casey (20 points, three rebounds), Kyle Scadlock (14 points, nine rebounds), and James Heskett (12 points, four rebounds, four assists) led the Ephs in today's matchup. The Bantams shot 27.6% from the field and hit 3 of 17 three-point attempts. They hit 15 of 17 free throws. Donald Jorden (12 points, six rebounds) and Kyle Padmore (8 points, five rebounds) led the way for the Bantams.

"I think over the past two games; we have come out locked in with focus on the defensive end," said coach App  on the team's recent play, "What we have been doing well the last couple of days is getting back to moving the basketball and not settling for anything and I think that's shown on how we've played on offense."

The Ephs next game will be on January 28th at 7 PM they host Albertus Magnus.