Eph Oarsmen Claim 2nd Place at Housatonic Regatta

Eph Oarsmen Claim 2nd Place at Housatonic Regatta

SHELTON, CT - The Williams College men's crew finished a strong second place in the Head of the Housatonic Regatta, their first race of the fall season. The 2V finished ninth, just ahead of Trinity's 3V.

Oarsmen of the 1V completed the 5000 meter course in just over 13:15, behind Fordham University at 13:03, but ahead of Wesleyan at 13:28.  The 1V settled into a conservative but powerful rhythm expecting a longer race, but were surprised by a shortened final stretch. Despite the hiccup, freshman Stroke Alex Treco '12 commented that "this race is a stepping stone to a greater potential for the crew."

Trinity's 1V, entered in the Division I equivalent heat, claimed a time of 13:08, seven seconds ahead of the Eph's 1V. The 2V raced with a time of 14:03, just edging out Trinity's 3V. Williams' 3V and novices did not race.

Following the grueling eights race, the top twelve oarsmen competed in three mixed fours. The first boat came in overall in third, while the others came in fifth and tenth.

Unphased by the results of the fours races, the crew relished in its hearteningly strong performance. Typically, Williams loses to its rivals in the fall, only to challenge them in the more prestigious spring season.

Eph Oarsmen lost many senior rowers, but have been marshaled to success by their new interim head coach Ben Lewis. Hailing from Great Britain's Leander Club, he has demanded a new level of performance. While readying the trailer, he remarked that the crew "has lots of potential, and lots of work yet to do. We had a good start to the season; we got the ball rolling; now we got to keep it up."

Senior captains Rob Buesing '09 and Andy Ward '09 commented "The great thing is that [the regatta] doesn't mean much, there was some confusion about the finish line, but we had a good margin on our rivals, we set a good lower bound for the season's performance."

Both Crews are anxious to show their potential in next week's Head of the Charles Regatta, where they will face Trinity and other Division III equivalent crews.

Complete eights race results can be found here; fours results can be found here.

1st Varsity Eight

Dan Winston '09- Coxswain

Alex Treco '12 - Stroke

Andy Ward '09- 7-Seat *

Robert Buesing '09 - 6 Seat *

Jack Wadden '11 - 5-Seat

Ken Sluis '11 - 4-Seat

Dan Kenefick '11 - 3-Seat

Joey Kiernan ‘11- 2-Seat

Dan Costanza ‘11 - Bow


2nd Varsity Eight


Mike Abrams '09 - Coxswain

Cameron Skinner '10 - Stroke

Crosby Fish '10 - 7-Seat

Shawn Curley '11 - 6-Seat

Michael Sacks '09 - 5-Seat *

Patrick Chaney '10 - 4-Seat

Matthew Everhart '11 - 3-Seat

Chris Ting '10 - 2-Seat

Nathaniel Lim '11 - Bow


Four #1


Mike Abrams '11 - Coxswain

Alex Treco '12 - Stroke

Andy Ward '09- 3-Seat *

Joey Kiernan ‘11- 2-Seat

Dan Costanza ‘11 - Bow


Four #2

Dan Winston '09- Coxswain

Jack Wadden '11 - Stroke

Robert Buesing '09 - 3-Seat *

Dan Kenefick '11 - 2-Seat

Ken Sluis '11 - Bow


Four #3

Jenny Schnabl '10 -Coxswain

Shawn Curley '11 - Stroke

Crosby Fish '10 - 3-Seat

Cameron Skinner '10 - 2-Seat

Nathaniel Lim '11 - Bow


* - Indicates Captain