Williams Men Close Gap to Trinity

Williams Men Close Gap to Trinity

LAKE QUINSIGAMOND, MASSACHUSETTS - In a surprise visit to the Donohue Cup, Trinity College bested Williams College by just over a second in the men's First Varsity Eight race. The Williams 2V lost to both Trinity and WPI and the Williams 3V fell to Trinity but beat WPI.

Tension was in the air as Trinity, Williams, WPI and MIT assembled at the floating start on Saturday morning. A moderate tailwind of around 10 mph and light choppy waves crossed the racecourse. MIT was quickest off the line and dashed to an almost certain victory. Trinity bested Williams at the start, but Williams pulled ahead by four seats at the 1000-meter mark. The lead slipped away as the race closed. At the finish line Trinity came in 2.2 seconds after MIT and Williams came 1.3 seconds after Trinity. The crew will not see Division-1 MIT for the rest of the season.

The squad was pleased to have come so close to their rivals so early in the season. Captain and 6-seat of the 1V Rob Buesing ‘09 reflects: "We demonstrated that the speed we had at the Head of the Charles was no fluke- we have the ability to win New Englands. We just need to ensure that for the next three weeks, we maintain our focus and work hard to make up the gap." Williams will face Trinity again in two weeks time at the New England Championships.

Coach Ben Lewis echoed this sentiment; "We knew this was going to be a good race and are happy to have risen to the challenge well. We put ourselves in the frame early on and put some things right that were wrong last weekend. It was frustrating that both crews slipped away from us in the second half but again we learned a lot about ourselves and especially about multi lane racing." Williams will face Trinity again in two weeks time at the New England Championships.

After a week of rough practices and a transition into a new boat, the Williams 2V rowed a solid race and finished with overlap on WPI. Coach Lewis comments: "The 2V rose well to the occasion after a much disrupted week and showed that they should be competing for a medal in that event if they can improve their concentration when it matters." The 2V hopes to carry their newfound focus into practices throughout the rest of the season.

Williams' 3V, composed mainly of Freshman and Novices, rowed a strong 2000 meters. Coach Regan was pleased with the crew's improvement from last week, "This week, they broke open from WPI and kept increasing the margin until the end. He continued, "I think there is no doubt that we have gotten faster since last week, the crew became better racers. However, there is a lot of work to be done with this very raw group between now and New England's."

Athletes across the squad are in a strong position going into next week's competition against Little-Three rival Wesleyan on April 18. Next week's racing will occur at Williams' own waters, Lake Onota in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.








Coxswain- Mike Abrams '11

Stroke - Alex Treco '12 -

7 - Andy Ward ‘09

6 - Robert Buesing ‘09

5 - Jack Wadden ‘11

4 - Cameron Skinner ‘10

3 - Daniel Kenefick ‘11

2 - Joey Kiernan ‘11

Bow - Crosby Fish ‘10




Coxswain - Dan Winston '09

Stroke - Greg Ferris ‘10

7 - Nathaniel Lim ‘11

6 - Ken Sluis‘11

5 - Mike Sacks ‘09

4 - Sean Curley ‘10

3 - Leland Brewster ‘11

2 - Chris Ting ‘09

Bow - Dan Costanza ‘11





Coxswain - Michelle McRae '12

Stroke- Noah Schoenholtz '12 -

7 - Faust Petkovitch ‘12

6 - Matt  Crimp ‘12

5 - Theo Patsalos-Fox ‘12

4 - Chris Serna ‘11

3 - George Sullivan ‘11

2 - Nick Pugliese‘10

Bow- Brendan Majev‘11