Williams Varsity Men Win Onota Cup

Williams Varsity Men Win Onota Cup


PITTSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -.This morning Williams Men's First Varsity Crew edged out rivals Bates, Marist, Coast Guard, and Ithaca for the Cup. The second Varsity finished behind Coast Guard, but ahead of the rest of the field. The Novices dramatically finished behind Marist and ahead of Coast Guard and the rest of the field.

Clear skies, no wind, and flat water made for excellent racing on Lake Onota. The men's 1V race began at 8:15. Bates was quick off the start and ahead at the 500-meter mark, but Williams regained control to finish a length ahead of the field. Cameron Skinner '10 and 6-seat of the boat remarked that "the crew was sloppy off the start, but they regained the rhythm and forged ahead at the 1000 meter-mark. It was a good race; we pushed it for the entire time."

Coach Ben Lewis added, "The crew had a fast time and a good race. Bates had a good crew and it took the second 1000 meters to move out on them." Captain and 5-seat Andy Ward continued, "we put together something more like a complete race. We managed to beat a strong Bates crew."

Williams claimed the first ever Onota cup. Though the regatta has been held since 2002, it was awardless. The new trophy was provided by the generous and dedicated members of last year's crew class, the ‘08's. Peter Clements, McLane Daniel, and Ben Byrne represented the goodwill of the alumni with a stirring speech. They awarded the cup to Williams' current Co-Captains Rob Buesing '09 and Andy Ward '09.

The 2V had a strong race but fell to Coast Guard. Dan Costanza '11 bow seat of the boat commented the performance: "We started off quickly, but Coast Guard had a faster rhythm. We managed to build a one-length lead on Marist, and went up higher on the stroke rating and were able to close the gap on Coast Guard during the sprint."

The Coast Guard program has usually been described as quite deep. Their 1V and 2V were only three seconds apart compared to Williams's 23-second gap. Coach Lewis expects "close races next week; we had a good race this week, and we decided to focus on technical aspects more."

The Novices also managed a great race against their competitors. At the finish Williams edged out Coast Guard midstroke for the victory. Coach Regan commented, "you never want to describe or celebrate 2nd place as some kind of victory, but I was proud of their effort." The crew had a difficult week in practice. "What I know about this crew is, that despite their inexperience, racing hard is something they know how to do." 

Next week racing resumes in Worcester, Massachusetts for the New England Championships. Williams looks to a great set of competitors. The 1V will spar with Trinity for the title, the 2V will spar with others in the thick of medal competition, and the Novice/3V race will also be hotly contested.








Cox - Mike Abrams ‘11

Stroke - Alex Treco '12 -

7 - Jack Wadden ‘11

6 - Cameron Skinner ‘10

5 - Andy Ward ‘09

4 - Robert Buesing ‘09

3 - Daniel Kenefick ‘11

2 - Joey Kiernan ‘11

Bow - Crosby Fish ‘10




Cox - Dan Winston ‘09

Stroke - Greg Ferris ‘10

7 - Nathaniel Lim ‘11

6 - Ken Sluis‘11

5 - Leland Brewster ‘11

4 - Sean Curley ‘10

3 - Mike Sacks ‘09

2 - Chris Ting ‘09

Bow - Dan Costanza ‘11





Cox - Michelle McRae ‘12

Stroke- Noah Schoenholtz '12 -

7 - Faust Petkovitch ‘12

6 - Matt Crimp ‘12

5 - Theo Patsalos-Fox ‘12

4 - Chris Serna ‘11

3 - Nick Maschinot ‘11

2 - Nick Pugliese ‘12

Bow- George Sullivan ‘11