Ephs keep Saratoga Oar; beat Wesleyan, Ithaca and Colby

Ephs keep Saratoga Oar; beat Wesleyan, Ithaca and Colby

WORCESTER, MA—The Williams men's varsity crew had another successful weekend at Lake Quinsigamond, with both varsity boats winning their races by open water.

Although the Ephs also lined up against Ithaca and Colby Saturday morning, the team's primary focus was in defending the Saratoga Oar—the trophy awarded to the winner of the first varsity boat race against rival Wesleyan.  The Ephs have now won the Saratoga Oar five years in a row.

Saturday morning was decidedly chilly, with temperatures in the low forties, and featured an increasing headwind as the races progressed.

The outcome of the first varsity boat race was decided quickly, with Williams gaining nearly half a length of open water by the 500-meter mark.  The Ephs would steadily increase their lead throughout the race, and would go on to win with a time of 6:19.5—over ten seconds ahead of second place Wesleyan. 

"This race really does mean a lot to our program," says co-captain Jack Wadden '11.  "Every year we want to bring the Saratoga Oar home with us."

The Ephs' second varsity eight brought home their own trophy—the Calhoun Cup.  The award is given to the winner of Williams and Wesleyan's second varsity boat race.  Williams found themselves up against all three crews off the start, with just over a full-length lead 500-meters in.  The Ephs continued to walk away from the field, and finished in a time of 6:08. 

"Today was exciting for me because I saw some of the things we're working on in practice come together on race day," says Eph 2V coxswain Michelle McRae '12.  "It looks like we're starting to really get together as a boat, and I think today was out best race so far."

The Williams' freshman eight was also in action, losing to a faster Ithaca crew by just over two boat lengths.  The Eph freshman did, however, finish ahead of rival Wesleyan's third varsity boat with a time of 6:44.7.

Williams has its only home race of the season next weekend.  On Saturday, Lake Onota will play host to Ithaca College, Coast Guard Academy and Bates College.




c-Michael Abrams '11

8-Alex Treco '12

7-Jack Wadden '11

6-Jonathan Gorman '13

5-Theo Patsalos-Fox '12

4-Kenneth Sluis '11

3-Daniel Costanza '11

2-Joseph Kiernan '11

1-Faust Petkovich '12



c-Michelle McRae '12

8-Noah Schoenholtz '12

7-Nathaniel Lim '11

6-Leland Brewster '11

5-Westcott Gail '12

4-Zachary Tarlow '13

3-Matthew Crimp '12

2-Julian Fernandez '13

1-Daniel Kenefick '11