Men's Crew Off to a Strong Start

Men's Crew Off to a Strong Start

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY - Today the Williams crew team hit the road, traveling to their first race after returning to spring break. The Ephs found cold winds and sunny skies in New York. The team usually sees this racecourse in the fall season for the crowded Head of the Fish regatta. Today the course was much quieter, with the men's team only facing off against Hobart, allowing the Ephs to really focus on their races.


The first varsity boat, stroked for the first time by Erick Quay 2014, saw a decisive victory over the Hobart first varsity boat. From the bow the varsity lineup was Matt Crimp 2012, Zach Tarlow 2013, Wes Gail 2012, Alex Treco 2012, Theo Patsalos-Fox 2012, John Gorman 2013, Faust Petkovich 2012, Erick Quay 2014, and Michelle McRae 2012 as coxswain. The boat was obviously excited about the results, but felt that there were still improvements to be made. "We've have better pieces in practice over the last week," said Quay, "we can go faster."


The Ephs second varsity(2V), first freshmen(1F), and second freshmen boats all raced the Hobart second varsity boat. The second varsity boat especially embraced the calm pre-race environment, dialing in their collective focus and energy before the race. The second varsity boat and the first freshmen boat have been in close competition throughout this spring as the especially motivated group of underclassmen has pushed the upperclassmen to new speeds. This competition had undoubtedly helped both boats prepare for the races today.


During the race the Williams 1F and the 2V quickly separated themselves from the Hobart 2V and Williams 2F. The Williams 2V held a small lead throughout the race, ahead of the freshmen boat by between a half a boat length to a full boat length throughout most of the race. The first freshmen boat found a strong sprint at the end of the race, closing the gap between the two boats. The second varsity boat managed to hold on to their position in front with a sprint of their own, winning the race by two seats, - about half a second. The Williams second freshmen boat finished fourth to the Hobart second varsity boat.


The Eph freshmen also raced a four today. Connor McLane stroked the boat, rowing with Dylan Barber, Peter Awad, and Marshal Akita. The four had limited time to practice in a four before the race. They did finished ahead of the Hobart four.


The Ephs came away today having gained valuable racing experience and a greater perspective coming into spring season. "One thing about having so many sophomores and Freshmen is that we are learning to really get ourselves fired up," says captain Noah Schoenholtz 2012.


The overall feel of the Eph crew today was one of excitement and anticipation for racing in the future. This was captured best by Peter Ellis 2014 who said, "I just want to be in the fastest 2V in the world."