Men's Crew Sweeps Onota Cup

Men's Crew Sweeps Onota Cup

Pittsfield, MA—The Ephs took advantage of beautiful conditions, sweeping Ithaca and Coast Guard.

Uncharacteristically calm weather graced Onota Lake, the Ephs home course, this Saturday as the men raced Ithaca and Coast Guard in the morning and Bucknell in the afternoon. Early morning racing was a bit chilly, but there was low wind and the water conditions were great. The weather warmed up throughout the day to nice temperatures in the mid 60s with moderate wind.

The first race for the Ephs was the first varsity, taking off at 8:50am. Facing stiff competition, the boat jumped ahead off the start, but Ithaca steady chipped away at the lead. The two boats traded moves throughout the body of the piece, but the Ephs eventually won out crossing the line with minimal open water. The 1V finished in 6:07.0, 3.9 seconds ahead of Ithaca and 15.9 seconds ahead of Coast Guard.

The second varsity boat was the next up. They took control of the field early and never relented, putting more distance between boats with every stroke. They crossed the line in a time of 6:20.3, 14 seconds ahead of Ithaca and 26.9 seconds ahead of Coast Guard. This result really shows the depth of the team.

The third varsity eight had a race filled day. In their first race they put together a very solid piece against the Ithaca 3V, winning by 11.6 seconds. They then turned around and headed back to the start line to go up again against the Ithaca freshmen, 3V (again) and the Coast Guard freshmen. The Williams boat put together another solid piece against a fresh Ithaca crew, but they were unable to clinch the victory and crossed the line 0.8 seconds back. They did finish several lengths ahead of the Ithaca 3V and Coast Guard freshmen. Williams clashed oars with one of the Ithaca boats early in the race, but no protest was filed.

The men returned to the water shortly after for an unofficial 1000m scrimmage against Ithaca.

A few hours later, the Ephs played host to the Bucknell men's crew team. Racing kicked off at 1:30pm.

The first boat out was the third varsity eight for their 3rd full 2k of the day. They fought a tough race but were out muscled by a fresh, speedy Bucknell 3V.

Next, the second varsity boat put on quite a show against the Bison, ultimately falling short by 0.5 seconds (about 10ft).

The first varsity boat tallied the lone win against Bucknell, outlasting the Bison by 3.4 seconds. Williams held a steady 2-3 seat advantage throughout the race, fighting off the moves of Bucknell. In the end, the Ephs were able to add more separation by the time they crossed the finish line, in a time of 6:10.4.

The last race of the day saw the third varsity boat, now racing their 4th full 2k of the day, against a Bucknell 3V/4V combination. The Williams boat showed guts fighting for a fourth time, but ultimately fell short of the Bucknell boat.

"We were initially worried that our morning racing would hurt our times against a fast crew in Bucknell," says captain Zach Tarlow, "but considering the work we have done so far this season, I was confident in the guys that we could go out and give our best effort again. Anyways, double racing is what we have to do at New England's and ECAC's, so it is good to get used to it. I think we are ready for our championship races."

The Ephs will race next Saturday, May 4th, at New England's on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA.