Ephs Show Depth at Princeton Chase

Ephs Show Depth at Princeton Chase

Princeton, NJ—The Ephs headed down south to Princeton University for the 3-Mile Princeton Chase. Williams joined the top Division I schools from across the nation in addition to Division III rivals Trinity, Virginia, and Temple.

The Ephs top boat placed 14th out of 20 first varsity crews. In total raw times, the first boat placed 23rd out of 63 crews that raced in the event. Most notably the Ephs finished 0.5 seconds ahead of Virginia and 29s ahead of Trinity. These results are a significant improvement on the Charles where the Ephs were behind Virginia by 13 seconds and only ahead of Trinity by 5 seconds. The first boat also defeated MIT, Columbia, Temple, and Rutgers.

The second boat had a great showing finishing 35th place overall and 12th out of 18 second varsity boats. Though the boat got off to a slow start with the 43rd fastest halfway split time, they went full tilt in the second half to post the 23rd fastest split. Their second half time was actually 2 seconds faster than the first boat. The boat had an overall time that was 15 seconds behind the first boat, which is a great display of the team's depth.

The third varsity boat struggled against the tough competition and strong headwind in the second half of the race, but fought hard to finish ahead of the Trinity 3V and UPenn 4V.

The Ephs have concluded their fall racing season and will head indoors soon for a long winter of training. The crew come back in season on Feb 15th and will return to the water again on spring training trip in North Myrtle Beach, SC.