Williams 1v and 2v face off against division 1 programs

Men's Crew 6
Men's Crew 6

PRINCETON, NJ — The Williams men's first and second varsity crews arrived at Lake Carnegie excited to race. These two crews of men are the first two to have the opportunity to race consistently well-ranked Division 1 crews: the Ephs lined up against George Washington University, Georgetown University, and Rutgers University. The wind was a 13 mph gusty headwind, with slightly choppy water.

The 2v men started off today's day of racing; the Ephs had a strong start off the line, holding with the other crews for the first 500 meters of the race. At that point the Hoyas and Colonials started pulling away, but the Williams second varsity men fought hard for their position.

The crew had a decent middle 1000 meters of the race, trading strokes with the Rutgers 2v. Their moves were strong, but not quite enough to make Rutgers lose their lead. At the line, the George Washington and Georgetown crews crossed first, with the Eph men falling in behind Rutgers, maintaining the margin they had held for the last 400 meters of the race. The George Washington 2v finished with a time of 6:25.9 with Georgetown about 1 second behind; Rutgers with a time of 6:51.3, and Williams finished less than 2 seconds behind.

The Williams first varsity men had a rough start off the line, but the resiliency of the crew continues to be their defining trait, as they composed themselves and found their footing in the race.

Georgetown and George Washington got off the line a bit quicker than the Ephs and Knights did, but the Williams crew held their margins with Georgetown and George Washington. By 500 meters into the race, the Rutgers first varsity had begun to fall back off of the field as the Williams crew continued to dig into their pace.

As the crews came into the last 400 meters, George Washington had extended their lead, finishing in a time of 6:09.5. Georgetown followed with a time of 6:19.8, Williams with a time of 6:26.4, and the Rutgers crew about 20 seconds behind. "Both boats had the strongest starts we've had all spring," observes coach Colin Regan. "It's always good to test ourselves against fast teams. We're looking forward to putting the final pieces together over the next two weeks."

All three of the Williams men's crews will make their way to Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA next weekend for their second to last race at the New England Rowing Championships.