Buchan, Polson, Sheils, Ellison & Flynn Named All-NESCAC

Men's Crew 6
Men's Crew 6

WILIAMSTOWN, MA – Three seniors and two juniors on the Williams men's crew team have been accorded All-NESCAC honors by the NESCAC.

Seniors Graham Buchan (Toronto, Ontario), Michael Polson (Chicago, Ill.) and Charlie Sheils (Rochester, N.Y.) were named to the First Team.

Second Team honorees were juniors Sam Ellison (Ann Arbor, Mich.) and Devin Flynn (Rockville, Md.).

Associate head coach Nate Clark commented on the five Eph honorees:

"Graham Buchan is a strong, quiet leader who uses his best qualities to move the boat effectively. Sitting in bow of the Varsity 8, he truly helped everyone make the boat go fast while adding in plenty himself."

"Michael Polson is relentless in his pursuit of excellence, whether it be academically or athletically. Sitting in 6 seat of the Varsity 8, he was able to throw his true passion and love for the team into every stroke."

"Charlie Sheils is steady and reliable, consistently improving, and performing. Sitting in 4 seat of the Varsity 8, he was a rock the team could rely on."

"Sam Ellison led the Varsity 8 from stroke seat as a junior, feeding off the energy of the crew behind him, while giving them his controlled aggression towards greater boat speed."

"Devin Flynn sat in the coxswain seat of the Varsity 8 for the second year in a row. His steady temperament and hand helped steer the boat straight and run smoothly, helping the crew get as close to achieving their full potential as possible."