Men's Crew: Walk-Ons Encouraged

Pictured: The 2018 Bronze-Medalist 3rd Varsity Eight, composed entirely of walk-on athletes.
Pictured: The 2018 Bronze-Medalist 3rd Varsity Eight, composed entirely of walk-on athletes.

Information Meeting: Thursday, September 6, 4:15 PM, Hopkins Hall 002

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Men's Crew is a varsity sport at Williams. 



Each year a significant portion of the team walks-on without any rowing experience.  During the spring of 2018, four of the athletes in the first eight initially learned to row at Williams and ultimately raced their way to a bronze medal finish at the New England Championships and second place in the N.E.S.C.A.C.  (One freshman athlete was in his first year of rowing all-together.)


Why row? 

Perhaps sports were a major part of your life growing up and you want to continue your athletic career and team experience in college.  Maybe you simply want to try something new, and the idea of rowing intrigues you.  Whatever the reason, friendships made through mutual hard work and shared experiences while on the crew are special and last a lifetime.  You will be in the best shape of your life, guaranteed. 

The Nuts and Bolts:

Rowing's primary seasons are in the fall and spring when the team trains out of its boathouse on Lake Onota and races throughout New England.  Additionally, during Spring Break the team travels to the warmer waters of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to train.  During the winter offseason, athletes train together on campus on rowing machines, in the weight room, and in the indoor rowing tanks. 


Team-Members' Experiences: 

"Although I had never touched a rowing machine, let alone an actual oar before stepping foot on the Williams campus, I wound up at the walk-on meeting and have been a part of the team ever since. Although a background in endurance sports or height is conducive to being a good rower, I've come to realize that one's success is ultimately a function of the effort put in. Since walking on, I have grown to love the sport, made incredible friendships on the team that will outlast my time here, and have taken away lessons and habits from the sport that I genuinely believe have made me a better student.  Being a part of the team has easily been one of the most defining aspects of my time at William."  -- Adam Zoen '19, Co-Captain

"I played tennis growing up all the way through high school. When I got to Williams, I knew I wanted to join some sort of team, and as soon as I met some rowers, I knew that was the right team for me. I found crew to be very challenging but even more rewarding. Being on the team has given me a great group of friends who support me both on and off the water. In the spring, I was in the third-eight, which consisted of all walk-on rowers. That boat's strong camaraderie and work ethic led us to a bronze medal finish at the New England Championships." -- Ian Pultz-Earle '21 

"I played many different sports in high school, but I was most serious about tennis and football. When I got to Williams, I was ready to start figuring out how I would stay active and healthy without a team holding me accountable. That plan got cut short abruptly when a friend in my entry asked me if I was going to the Walk-On meeting for the crew team. I showed up to the first workout and just kept coming back. I have found a sense of place among my teammates, discovered the beauty of rowing, realized the importance of practice time as a break in the rhythm of the school day, and valued the readiness of our coaches to be mentors. Williams Crew has become a central aspect of my experience here and has helped me learn and grow in ways I wouldn't have otherwise." -- Michael Nettesheim '20

"In high school, my passion was really for basketball. My dad rowed at Williams as a part of the class of 1989, so I had grown up hearing about rowing and always kept it in mind as a possibility. Coming to Williams, I knew that I wanted to stay active, be apart of a team, and compete athletically, and rowing presented the perfect opportunity."  -- Nick Beischer '21