Williams Defeated by Middlebury in NESCAC Match-up

Cory Lund '21
Cory Lund '21

Middlebury, VT – The Williams College Ephs (8-7/6-4 NESCAC) were defeated by the Middlebury College Panthers (9-6/5-5 NESCAC) 20-13 in today's match-up at Youngman Field at Alumni Stadium on the campus of Middlebury College.

The Middlebury Panthers took control of the game early on, translating to the first goal of the game scored by A.J. Kucinski assisted by Henry Riehl at 12:51. Within the next minute, Frank Cosolito netted a score for Midd to bring the game to 2-0. The Ephs answered back with two goals from Brendan Hoffman and Cory Lund to tie the score. The Middlebury offense soon picked up and took over for the remainder of the quarter netting five straight goals from Danny Jacobs, Henry Riehl, A.J. Kucinksi twice and Frank Cosolito to bring the score at the end of the quarter to Middlebury 7 – Williams 2.

Williams came out with a bang early in the start of the quarter with a goal by Kevin Stump at 14:25 assisted by John Hincks. Middlebury soon countered back with a goal by Danny Jacobs but was evenly matched when Eph James McFarland netted a scored to bring the deficit to just four goals. The Panther offensive power soon picked back up with four unanswered goals in the remainder of the first half by Danny Jacobs with two, and Henry Riehl along with Chase Goree with one. The score at half time was Middlebury up 12 – 4 on the Ephs.

In the same fashion as the previous quarter, the Ephs scored the opening goals by freshman Cory Lund and sophomore Kevin Stump. Middlebury soon responded with three straight goals by Parker Lawlor and Henry Riehl twice to give a score at 6:47 of Middlebury 15 – Williams 6.  Williams netted two unanswered goals by Matthew Seligson and James McFarland, but this was soon match with a panther-punch of three straight goals to end the quarter scored by A.J. Kucinski with two scores and Michael McCormack with one. The score going into the final quarter was Williams 8 – Middlebury 18.

Williams netted the first opening score of the quarter again by sophomore Ryan Gibbs assisted by John Hincks. Middlebury soon answered back with two straight goals by Luke Peterson and Harry Giarrusso to bring the score to Middlebury 20 – Williams 9. The Eph offensive machine took control of the remainder of the game with scores from Ryan Gibbs, Cory Lund, Matthew Seligson and John Hincks but time ran out on the clock before the Williams could seize the win. The final score was Williams 13 – Middlebury 20.

The Ephs used two goalies today, George Peele, who finished with 9 saves in 45 minutes of play along with freshman Harry Gahagan with 2 saves in 15 minutes in the net. The Panthers also used two goalies this evening as well. Charles Midgley made 9 saves in 45 minutes along with Tyler Bass with 5 saves with 15 minuets in the net.

The Panthers were led by A.J. Kucinski with a whopping five goals. He was followed by Henry Riehl with four scores and three assists and Danny Jacobs with four goals and two assists.

The Ephs were led by freshman Cory Lund with three scores and two assists. He was followed by Ryan Gibbs, Matthew Seligson, James McFarland and Kevin Stump all with two goals each.

Eph head coach George McCormack stated, " Tough road loss to a good Middlebury team. We're looking forward to hosting this weekend and getting a couple of really good practice sessions in prior to the game."

The NEESCAC Office will release the tournament seeds and schedule later tonight after the conclusion of the Bowdoin v Tufts game that started at 7 PM.

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