The #14 Ephs top MIT Engineers

Colorado Springs, CO – Only up by two scores with the MIT Engineers confident heading into halftime after a three-score streak, the Ephs took the field in the second half to halt an Engineer advance. Along with stopping any MIT goals in the first eight minutes of the 2nd half, Williams scored six-straight goals to give the Ephs an opportunity to sit poised on offense and move the ball around effectively for the remainder of the game, leading Williams to a 16-9 victory in the Rockies.

The Williams College Ephs (6-1/ 3-1 NESCAC) defeated the MIT Engineers (4-5) met this afternoon at Washburn Field on the campus of Colorado College.

Williams took control of the game early on, translating to the first two goals of the game scored by Jake Haase on a crease-cranker and one from Brendan Hoffman off a bouncer-shot. One minute later, Eph Cory Lund dodged from behind the goal and netted a score after a spectacular slam-dunk to bring the game to 3-0.

The Engineers soon countered with a great display of offense and a score at 6:13 by Nicolas Gianni to bring the deficit to two goals. Williams answered back four minutes later with Eph Jake Haase's second goal of the game assisted by Cory Lund at 2:20. At the end of the first quarter Williams was up with 4 - 1.

Williams came out with a bang early in the start of the second quarter with possession and spectacular ball movement from the offense. On a transitional clear, LSM Rock Stewart found an opportunity and netted a goal for the Ephs to bring back the four-score cushion. This cushion was soon taken away after Engineer Nicolas Gianni scored off an assist from James Santoro to bring the game to 5-2. Williams answered with back-to-back scores, one by Jared Strauss and another by Calvin Collins assisted by Cory Lund to give the Ephs a five-score lead.

At 4:30, MIT netted a goal after James Santoro who was assisted by Jack Montinaro scored to help bring down the Eph lead. About a minute later, Williams attackman Kevin Stump scored his first goal of the game after an assist from Jake Haase. This was soon countered by an MIT goal from James Santoro to bring the score to 8-4 in favor of Williams. One minute later, Jonathan Monahemi netted a score after a top-corner shot to close the Williams lead down to three goals. With two seconds left in the half, MIT snuck another goal in before halftime with another score from James Santoro. The Ephs were up 8 - 6 going into halftime.

The Ephs took the field in the second half with the same pace of play that brought forth success in the beginning of the game and after a great man-up opportunity for Williams, Kevin Stump netted a goal after a pass from Jake Haase. Two minutes later, Eph Jake Haase netted a score for Williams after an alley-oop set up by Jake Haase to bring the score to 10-6 in favor of Williams. At 8:53, Jake Haase netted a second-straight goal assisted this time by Kevin Stump to give the Ephs back their five-score lead. The Eph offensive machine soon picked up and netted another three goals in a row, two from Cory Lund and one from Calvin Collins to give the Ephs a 14-6 lead. With two minutes left in the quarter, MIT broke the Eph scoring streak and netted two-straight goals after one from James Santoro off a feed from Jake Stein and the second from Nicolas Gianni on a man-up opportunity. Williams was up 14 – 8 going into the final quarter.

With the same mentality the Ephs took to drive past the Engineers after halftime, Williams netted the first goal of the fourth quarter off of a doge and score by Calvin Collins. MIT soon answered back with a goal from Jake Stein to bring the game to 15-9. The Ephs countered at 2:06 with the final score of the game by Riley van den Broek assisted by Will Swindell to push the Eph lead to seven goals and the final score of 16-9.

The Ephs used one goalie this game. Sophomore Harry Gahagan had 18 saves. The Engineers used one goalie this game as well. Lucas Drexler-Bruce had 10 saves.

The Engineers were led by James Santoro with four goals and one assist along with Nicolas Gianni with three scores.

The Ephs were led by Jake Haase with four goals and two assists along with Cory Lund who had three goals and three assists. They were followed by Calvin Collins with three goals and one assist and Kevin Stump with two goals and three assists. Other Eph scorers were Jared Strauss, Rock Stewart, Riley van den Broek and Brendan Hoffman.

The Ephs return to action in a match-up this Friday, March 29th  when they will play Colorado College while on their Spring Break trip, taking on the Tigers at 7pm MST. MIT will next host Wheaton College  in a match-up this Saturday at 1pm.

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