Williams falls short to Tufts in NESCAC Nail-biter

Medford, MA – The Williams College Ephs (7-2/3-2 NESCAC) were defeated by the Tufts University Jumbos (10-0/5-0 NESCAC) 15-14 in tonight's match-up at Bello Field on the campus of Tufts University.

Tufts took control of the game early on, translating to the first goal at 13:53 unassisted by Matt Treiber. Williams soon answered back with a goal of their own less than a minute later by a feed from Jared Strauss and a score from Brendan Hoffman. The Jumbos then scored three-straight goals by Ben Connelly, Max Waldbaum and Nick Shanks to bring the game to 1-3 with Tufts in the lead. Williams countered with a goal after a pass from Jake Haase from below the goal-line and a score by Kevin Stump to bring the deficit to one goal. With just over a minute left in the quarter, Tufts squeezed one last goal by Nick Katz to bring the score to 5-2, Tufts.

The Jumbos came out with a fury early in the start of the second quarter with possession and another three-goal streak from Garrett Samuelson, Danny Murphy and Nick Katz to bring the game to 8-2 with Tufts in the lead. At 5:51, Williams changed the momentum in the quarter after netting two straight goals, one by Cory Lund with an assist from Jake Haase and one from Jared Strauss when he scored off of a dodge from the restraining line. This momentum was soon topped when the Jumbos with just over a minute left in the quarter, netted a score by Nick Shanks off a doge and shot. With 45 seconds left, the Ephs scored back-to-back goals with a great shot from Brian Greenstein and top-corner snipe by Jared Strauss to bring the Jumbo lead down to three. Tufts was up 9 - 6 at the half.

The Ephs continued their goal-streak into the second half after three more scores, two from Cory Lund and one from Brendan Hoffman to tie the score for the first time of the game at 9-9. At 7:34, the Jumbos broke the Eph scoring streak after a goal by John Cordrey to give Tufts the lead back. Tufts continued a streak of their own with two more goals, both from Max Waldbaum to give the Jumbos a 12-9 lead. Williams answered back with one-minute left in the quarter from Kevin Stump, netting his seconds score of the game. With 38 seconds left in the third period, Tufts found one last opportunity to score after a shot and goal by Jumbo Nick Shanks. The Ephs were down by three goals going into the final quarter.

At 13:23, Tufts netted the first score of the fourth quarter by Matt Treiber to give the Jumbos a 14-11 lead. One minute later, Williams answered back with a score from Jared Strauss after dodging two defenders and sniping the right side of the net. After great defense displayed by both teams, a stalemate soon ensued until Williams broke it at 5:06 when Brendan Hoffman unassisted scored a dodge from the restraining line. Thirty seconds later, Tufts countered with a goal by Matt Treiber to bring the score to 13-15 in favor of Tufts. At 3:35, Williams brought down the Jumbo lead to one goal after a score by Eph Kevin Sump from a backhanded snipe, but it wasn't enough to top the Jumbos. Tufts defeated Williams 15 - 14.

The Ephs used one goalie this game. Freshman Harry Gahagan had 12 saves. The Jumbos used one goalie this game as well. Mason Pollack had 9 saves.

The Jumbos were led by Nick Shanks with three goals and one assist. He was followed by Max Waldbaum and Matt Treiber with three scores each.

The Ephs were led by Cory Lund with four goals and one assist along with Jared Strauss and Kevin Stump who both had three goals and one assist. They were followed by Brendan Hoffman with three scores and Brian Greenstein with one goal.

Eph head coach George McCormack stated, "I'm very proud of how our team fought back after being down in first half of the game. The second half was back-and-forth the entire time and it turned out to be a great display of determination and resilience from our men."

The Ephs return to action this Saturday, April 9th home when they play their rival Amherst, taking on the Mammoths in a NESCAC match-up at 1pm. Tufts University will next play against Wesleyan University away in a NESCAC match-up on April 9th, taking on the Cardinals at 1pm as well.