Ephs Shutout Babson 3-0

Ephs Shutout Babson 3-0

BABSON PARK, MASS. – The Ephs needed only 33 minutes to convert their first goal, a penalty kick that senior forward Demian Gass confidently buried into the bottom right corner just past Beaver goalkeeper Steven Heintzelman's outstretched hands. That goal was the only one the Ephs would need to secure the win, though they went on to score two more. Williams now stands at a record of (2-2-1) and the Babson Beavers rest at (3-2).

An exciting start to the game saw both teams put shots on goal within the first ten minutes. The first half proved to be an entertaining one as both the Ephs and the Beavers strung together strong attacks as they advanced up the field. Babson's most threatening attack came in the 17th minute, when a ball was sent into the middle of the box and a group of players fought over it. Ultimately, the Beavers' Mitchell Collins got a powerful shot off that seemed as though it would be the first goal had an Eph defender Jules Oberg not put his body in front of the ball to deflect it wide. 

The Ephs' strongest attack came minutes later when Demian Gass beat the last defender and sent a bullet towards across the goal to the bottom left corner. His effort was stopped, however, by a quick reaction from Steven Heintzelman.

The two teams continued to struggle to gain control of the game until the 33rd minute, when during a rapid transition from Williams, a Babson defender pushed over Demian Gass in the penalty area. The foul yielded a penalty that Gass, using a stutter step to momentarily disorient the goalkeeper, buried in the bottom right corner.

The goal took the Ephs into halftime ahead with one goal.

At halftime, Williams had 8 shots and 4 corners, and Babson had 3 goals and 1 corner. Eph keeper Michael Davis had made 2 saves, while Babson keeper Steven Heitzelman had made 3. 

As the second half commenced, it was quite clear that the Ephs were now  in control of the game. They maintained good possession and continued to move the ball up the pitch. Four minutes into the half, Will Felitto sent a ground ball from the far right into the box, searching for a finish. Eli Petrik got himself into the perfect position, from where he drilled the ball past the keeper and into the net, doubling the Ephs' lead.

The Ephs still remained dominant, as evidenced by the lack of shots on goal by the Beavers in the second half.

The last goal of the contest came in the 83rd minute when Eph forward Will Felitto made a tackle in midfield and dribbled the ball down the left flank. He faced the defender 2v1 with teammate Bobby Fabricant. As Felitto entered the box, he turned towards Fabricant, but realized that he would have a better chance if he took on the shot. He looked up at goal, then down at the ball before he sent a rocket past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

The goal saw the Ephs out with a 3-0 victory over Babson.

Eph head coach Sullivan commented, "I think our speed of play and defensive work-rate really picked up today and that's so important to our success… It's great to see the growth and resilience of our squad early on. We have the ability to come at teams in waves when we apply ourselves on both sides of the game and share the ball. We still have a lot of room for growth and we're excited to take things to the next level together."

Overall, the Ephs had 13 shots (7 on target) and the Beavers had 6 shots (2 on target). Williams earned 7 corners in today's game, while Babson only won 2. Eph goalkeeper Michael Davis recorded 2 saves and Beaver goalkeeper Steven Heintzelman recorded 4.

The Ephs look to improve upon their two-game win streak as the face Trinity away next Saturday.

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