Ephs Defeat Trinity 2-0

Ephs Defeat Trinity 2-0

HARTFORD, CONN. – In only 8 minutes, the Ephs were able to convert the goal that would win them the game. Eli Petrick took a corner from the right side after a deflection from a shot by Demian Gass. Bobby Fabricant soared over the defenders and headed down the ball to Liam Bardong, who set the ball up for teammate Will Felitto. Felitto was poised and ready for the ball, which he drilled into the bottom right corner of the net as soon as it touched the ground. The early goal would be all the Ephs would need to win and improve their record to (3-2-1/2-1 NESCAC), though they went on to score one more. The Trinity Bantams were left at (1-5/0-3 NESCAC) following the loss.

The Ephs took control of the game as soon as the first whistle blew. Only three minutes passed before the Ephs marked a shot on goal. Demian Gass sent a beautiful cross to Bobby Fabricant, who headed the ball to Will Felitto. Though he could have taken on the shot, Felitto decided to set the ball up for Andrew Mathew who fired a shot towards goal, but was denied by Bantam keeper Andrew Clark. Minutes later, Felitto converted the game-winner.

The Bantams' deadliest attack of the game came in the 18th minute, when Gabe Mangiafico dribbled the ball up the flank and crossed it to the middle. There was mayhem in the box, and Bantam players continued to take shots at goal, until Eph keeper Michael Davis cleared the danger. 

Most of the remaining half took place in Trinity's half, as Williams continued to keep up the pressure and create chances. This was evidenced by the Ephs' five corners and the Bantams' lack of corners. Eph head coach Sullivan commented, "We had some excellent stretches of play today and unselfish contributions from many players playing different roles."

The Ephs saw Trinity into the half with a one-goal advantage. 

The main play of the second half happened within the first ten minutes. The Ephs came out strong once again. At the 51st minute, they silenced the Bantams with another goal, which came from a long throw-in up the right flank. Will Felitto trapped the ball and took it up the endline, where he served Demian Gass with a perfect pass in the penalty area. Gass, who had been eyeing the goal all game, ran up and rocketed the ball into the bottom left corner before keper Andrew Clark could even react, doubling the Ephs' lead. 

The rest of the game passed without much excitement, with the Ephs continuing to connect passes and develop strong plays, but just unable to convert any goals. The Bantams did see a short stretch of time when they started to gain traction and move up the field quickly, but the Eph defense confidently stopped their attacks and defended their lead. 

The dominant Ephs won the game, extending their winning streak to three, while the Bantams are still looking for their first win in five games. Head coach Sullivan reflected on the victory: "It's always a positive to earn 3 points on the road in the NESCAC and the clean sheet is a very positive sign."

Over the course of the game, Williams recorded 9 shots (5 on target) and Trinity recorded 3 shots (1 on target). Williams earned 8 corners total, and Trinity had none. Eph keeper Michael Davis made 1 save today, while Bantam goalie Andrew Clark made 3.

Following the game, Eph head coach Sullivan talked about the team's development: "Our collective team identity continues to get stronger and we're excited about what is possible as we continue to gain form."

The Trinity Bantams will play Western New England on Wednesday, 9/25. Meanwhile, the Ephs are looking forward to a big home game against rival Amherst next Saturday, 9/28.

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