Ephs Fall 7-2 to Cornell

Will Means '20
Will Means '20

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - In a hard-fought opening match to the 2017 season that at times looked like it could have gone either way, the Ephs finished short against an always-strong Cornell team.

As the match was played using the three court system, the first players to take the court were freshman Wyatt Khosrowshahi (#3) and senior co-captains Mason Elizondo (#6) and Jamie Havran (#9). While Elizondo was defeated 3-0 by a difficult player, Khosrowshahi and Havran each earned big wins for the Ephs' cause, Khosrowshahi's a tidy 3-0 victory and Havran's a heroic 3-2 victory after going down 2-1 but eventually coming back to win the match 13-11 in the fifth game. At this point, with the Ephs leading 2-1 in matches, it looked like anyone's game. The next players on were sophomores Will Means (#2) and Claude Smith (#5), as well as senior co-captain Andrew Litvin (#8). Means and Smith fell in close 3-0 defeats, while Litvin battled in a lengthy match against a strong Cornell opponent before eventually falling 3-2, 11-9 in the fifth game, leaving the match score at 4-2 to the Bears. Finally sophomores Carl Shuck (#1) and David Pincus (#4), and freshman AJ Solecki (#7) took the court with the Ephs needing a victory from all three to carry the team to victory. Shuck and Pincus fought hard but found success difficult to find, with both falling 3-0 against very talented opponents. Solecki played a brutal 3-2 match against a solid opponent before falling just short 11-8 in the fifth.

All in all, despite being disappointed not to win the match, the Ephs and coach Zafi Levy were generally pleased by the team's performance and optimistic for the next three matches over the course of the weekend. After the match, coach Levy commented: "Great showing from the team. We fought hard and could have won two more matches but came up short in the fifth game. Great learning experience for us all. We look forward to another tough match tomorrow morning vs Western Ontario."

The Ephs will play three more matches over the course of the weekend against Western at 10 am tomorrow before taking on Dickinson at 3 pm, followed by Hamilton at noon on Sunday.

1S Shuck, Carl W. 5.31786 Muran, Andrew C. 5.56635 11-6,13-11,11-7 Cornell University C
2S Means, William W 5.07868 Hanson, Perry W. 5.52146 11-8,11-7,11-7 Cornell University C
3S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt 5.25179 rothweiler, ian 5.01811 11-8,11-8,12-10 Williams College C
4S Pincus, David 5.2162 Brail, Jordan M 5.30096 11-7,11-8,11-3 Cornell University C
5S Smith, Claude K 4.97445 Presman, Illia 5.24486 11-8,11-3,15-13 Cornell University C
6S Elizondo, Mason 4.9378 Francis, Benjamin 5.23825 12-10,11-4,11-4 Cornell University C
7S Solecki, A.J. 5.61269 Jung, Alex 5.42266 12-14,11-6,3-11,11-2,11-8 Cornell University C
8S Litvin, Andrew N. 4.85299 Scherl, Jared 5.11624 11-8,8-11,11-8,12-14,11-9 Cornell University C
9S Havran, Jamie E. 4.85441 Paolella, James H. 4.959 11-6,9-11,8-11,11-9,13-11 Williams College C
10S Eisenberg, Ben R. 4.95942 Ong, Kenan 5.15054 7-11,11-8,11-8,11-6 Williams College C