Ephs Blank Hamilton in 9-0 Victory

Will Means '20
Will Means '20

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - In the final leg of a four-match marathon opening weekend, the Ephs earned their first win of the season with a strong showing against Hamilton on Sunday.

The Eph men looked in control of the match from start to finish. First on court were sophomore David Pincus (#3), freshman AJ Solecki (#6), and junior Oscar Merino (#9). All three played well and dispatched their opponents in 3-0 victories. Next on were freshman Wyatt Khosrowshahi (#2), senior co-captain Mason Elizondo (#5), and junior Ben Eisenberg (#8). Khosrowshahi and Eisenberg each delivered 3-0 wins, and Elizondo also put another point on the board with a 3-1 victory. The last wave of play featured sophomores Carl Shuck (#1) and Claude Smith (#4), as well as senior co-captain Andrew Litvin. All three earned another trio of wins, with Smith and Litvin each triumphing 3-0, while Shuck's match took a bit more of a push before collecting an eventual 3-0 win to cap off the day.

Sunday's 9-0 completed a solid opening weekend of squash for the Ephs. Coach Zafi Levy had this to comment: "It was an impressive win today for the men's team. We have worked very hard this weekend and had to be very focused against a dangerous opponent. I was really impressed with our freshmen all weekend who have stepped up big time for the team."

The Ephs will take a much needed break over Thanksgiving weekend before difficult trips to Princeton, Drexel, and Penn from December 2-3.

  Williams College Rating Hamilton College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Shuck, Carl W. 5.29249 O'Dowd, Colin M 5.10502 11-6,9-11,11-8,6-11,11-5 Williams College C
2S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt 5.2487 Sondhi, Callum G. 4.8538 11-6,12-10,11-5 Williams College C
3S Pincus, David 5.23238 Conzelman, Nicholas R. 4.67697 11-2,11-1,11-3 Williams College C
4S Smith, Claude K 5.03144 Chaix, Tristan 4.83994 11-5,11-5,11-8 Williams College C
5S Elizondo, Mason 4.91293 Sawyers, John 4.80187 11-7,9-11,11-6,11-7 Williams College C
6S Solecki, A.J. 5.55449 Jones, Atticus 4.47939 11-3,11-3,11-4 Williams College C
7S Litvin, Andrew N. 4.89381 Ruth, Jonathan 4.36555 11-7,11-7,11-5 Williams College C
8S Eisenberg, Ben R. 4.99597 Jordan, Will 4.10983 13-11,11-5,11-4 Williams College C
9S Merino, Oscar 4.84099 Urban, Ward 4.21057 11-2,11-7,11-5 Williams College C
10S Smith, Patrick R 4.77077 Gerstein, Jarrod 4.0693 11-3,11-6,11-1 Williams College C