Ephs Triumph 6-3 Over Middlebury

John Fitzgerald '19
John Fitzgerald '19

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - The #21 ranked Ephs earned a hard-fought upset in their biggest win of the season thus far over #19 ranked rivals Middlebury.

The match was always close but from the start the Ephs held a close lead which they ran with for the rest of the day. The first players on court were sophomores Carl Shuck (#3) and David Pincus (#6) as well as junior Ben Eisenberg (#9). Shuck battled hard in a long match before eventually winning in five games to put a crucial early point on the board for the Ephs. Eisenberg dropped the first game before rallying back to win in four games to earn the Ephs another victory. Pincus was stymied by a strong Midd opponent and lost 3-0.

Next on were junior John Fitzgerald (#2), returning from abroad to make his 2017-18 season debut, freshman AJ Solecki (#5), and senior co-captain Andrew Litvin (#8). Fitzgerald showed that he hadn't lost a step from last season en route to a tidy 3-0 win. Solecki fought hard but was hindered by a slight injury late in the match and succombed to a five game loss. Litvin went up 2-1 and 5-1 in the fourth game of his match before experiencing deadleg. Miraculously, Litvin continued in the match and battled his way to a 13-11 win in the fourth game to close out the match.

With the Ephs leading the Panthers 4-2, just one win was needed from the final wave of play to close out the match for the Ephs. This last wave included sophomores Will Means (#1) and Claude Smith (#7), and freshman Wyatt Khosrowshahi (#4). Smith closed out the win with a very solid 3-0 victory over his opponent. In the dead rubber, Khosrowshahi earned another strong three game win. Means was defeated 3-0 by a strong Middlebury opponent.

The Ephs take on Yale tomorrow at 4 pm at the Simon Squash Center.

  Williams College Rating Middlebury College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Means, William W 5.10769 Cembalest, Will 5.36514 11-7,11-7,11-7 Middlebury College C
2S Fitzgerald, John C 5.41761 Ellen, Jacob 5.32832 11-6,11-8,12-10 Williams College C
3S Shuck, Carl W. 5.32995 Kagan, Jacob A. 5.37755 7-11,11-7,11-6,5-11,11-6 Williams College C
4S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt 5.22965 Pearson, Henry 5.14031 11-7,11-6,11-5 Williams College C
5S Solecki, A.J. 5.46187 Hinton, Wiatt F. 5.09665 11-13,11-8,6-11,13-11,11-5 Middlebury College C
6S Pincus, David 5.18341 Epley, John C 5.29429 11-5,11-4,12-10 Middlebury College C
7S Smith, Claude K 5.05348 Wolpow, Thomas S 5.02762 11-6,11-8,11-9 Williams College C
8S Litvin, Andrew N. 4.89124 Giddins, Samuel L. 4.67036 11-6,11-5,3-11,13-11 Williams College C
9S Eisenberg, Ben R. 4.9807 Swope, Ryan 4.75981 6-11,11-2,15-13,11-7 Williams College C
10S Elizondo, Mason 4.91431 McInerney, Finlay 4.08952 11-6,11-7,9-11,11-3 Williams College C