Williams Fall 8-1 to #8 Ranked Yale

Andrew Litvin '18 - Courtesy Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com
Andrew Litvin '18 - Courtesy Michael T. Bello/mtbello.com

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - The Ephs were defeated 8-1 by a strong Yale side at the Simon Squash Center on Sunday.

The first players on were sophomores Carl Shuck (#3) and Claude Smith (#6), as well as junior Will Ruggiero (#9). Shuck and Smith fought hard but were each defeated 3-0. Ruggiero also put up a good fight and took a game but ultimately fell 3-1 to a strong Yale player. Next on were juniors John Fitzgerald (#2) and Ben Eisenberg (#8), and sophomore David Pincus (#5). Fitzgerald played a sensational match and came back after losing the first game to win his match 3-1. Pincus played a strong match but was defeated in a close 3-0 encounter. Eisenberg started strong to take the first game of his match but ultimately finished second in a tight 3-1 battle. Last on court were sophomore Will Means (#1), freshman Wyatt Khosrowshahi (#4), and senior co-captain Mason Elizondo (#7). Khosrowshahi and Elizondo each battled hard but were beaten 3-0 by tough opponents. Means put up a brilliant fight against a very strong player to take two games before eventually falling 3-2 in what was an excellent match all around.

The Ephs travel to Maine next weekend to take on Bates, Colby, and Bowdoin.

  Williams College Rating Yale University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Means, William W 5.09731 Lovejoy, Spencer W. 5.90623 9-11,11-4,11-6,10-12,11-2 Yale University C
2S Fitzgerald, John C 5.44733 Kochhar, Arjun 5.59892 12-14,13-11,11-8,11-8 Williams College C
3S Shuck, Carl W. 5.34365 Gill, Harrison 5.91335 11-1,11-8,11-8 Yale University C
4S Khosrowshahi, Wyatt 5.26357 Broadwater, Pierson R. 5.5683 11-5,11-9,11-8 Yale University C
5S Pincus, David 5.14968 Kingshott, Thomas 5.59032 12-10,11-3,11-9 Yale University C
6S Smith, Claude K 5.08868 McCafferty, Calvin 5.50542 11-2,11-3,11-3 Yale University C
7S Elizondo, Mason 4.91098 Carney, Tyler M. 5.50781 13-11,11-4,11-5 Yale University C
8S Eisenberg, Ben R. 4.99045 pandole, yohan 5.52751 6-11,11-7,11-4,11-7 Yale University C
9S Ruggiero, Will 4.97418 Losty, James 5.34917 11-6,11-9,9-11,11-2 Yale University C