Bears Prove Too Much For Ephs

AJ Solecki '21
AJ Solecki '21

PROVIDENCE, RI - It was always going to be a tough day for the Ephs as they traveled to Providence with only two of their standard top six players. In their final regualr season match prior to Nationals the Ephs were defeated by Brown, 9-0.

First on court for the Ephs were juniors Anand Butler (#3) and Pat Smith (#9), and senior co-captain Jamie Havran (#6). All three players fought hard but were ultimately defeated in three games. Next on were freshman Wyatt Khosrowshahi (#2), as well as juniors Ben Eisenberg (#5) and Will Ruggiero (#8). Khosrowshahi won the first game but was unable to hold on and was beaten 3-1. Eisenberg and Ruggiero each battled in tight matches but eventually fell 3-2 to tough Brown opponents. The last wave of play included sophomores Carl Shuck (#1) and Claude Smith (#4), joined by senior co-captain Andrew Litvin (#7). Unfortunately, the Ephs were unable to mount any real challenge in the last wave and all three players were beaten 3-2.

Volunteer assistant coach Tom Hodgson had this to comment on the match: "What was probably most satisfying is how well the seniors played for us in their last match. That was really great for us."

With this being the Ephs' last regular season match, the team looks forward to nationals from February 23-25.

  Brown University Rating Williams College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Blecher, Thomas 5.4465 Shuck, Carl W. 5.3876 11-9,11-6,11-3 Brown University C
2S Moyer, Maximo L 5.432 Khosrowshahi, Wyatt 5.20857 7-11,11-7,11-3,11-7 Brown University C
3S Wei, Andrew 5.37411 Butler, Anand M. 4.95858 11-4,11-3,11-4 Brown University C
4S Demeulenaere, Philip 5.28418 Smith, Claude K 4.95756 11-5,11-3,11-5 Brown University C
5S Pitaro, Nicholas L 5.20558 Eisenberg, Ben R. 4.99854 11-7,10-12,12-10,8-11,11-7 Brown University C
6S Gilbert-Bono, Blake A 5.34006 Havran, Jamie E. 4.92279 11-1,11-8,11-6 Brown University C
7S Walker, Thomas E 4.94491 Litvin, Andrew N. 4.86755 13-11,11-9,11-4 Brown University C
8S Boyer, Harrison 5.24485 Ruggiero, Will 4.9733 9-11,11-4,11-8,5-11,11-7 Brown University C
9S Goel, Palak 5.05175 Smith, Patrick R 4.76967 11-4,11-9,11-5 Brown University C
10S Glaser, William R 5.12121 Jain, Neel S. 4.8886 12-10,5-11,13-11,11-8 Brown University C